Granted Clearance, but didn't take job? Expiration?

Hello all. Last year around this same time frame (June) I was called and advised that I was hired for a Federal Contractor position with the USMS. The process was rather lengthy and I believe that the clearance level is ony Public Trust (filled out SF85), however; between the medical and clearance it took around 7 months. It was a job I really wanted, however, in the meantime I was hired by another agency and had already began work with them. The position was said to be part time only to begin with, so I was under the belief that I could work my primary job and do the contract position as it was stated, Part Time.

So, I ended up not taking the position and staying with the agency that I am currently working with. I maintained a good relationship with the hiring manager and he understood my position and made it clear that at some point I wanted to end up with this position and wanted to keep an open connection. Well, that time has come. I finally got enought nerve to ask if I was still eligible to roll into the position and finally got the answer that I was hoping not to hear; that I would need to start all over. The company/agency only brings you on once you are totally cleared both medical and clearance wise. My question is that I was informed that I was granted the clearance. I know that if I was still in the background phase and tapped out that the process would end and that would be it; however, as I understand it; I was granted the clearance. Does that immediately expire since i did not initially take the job or is it still technically an active granted clearance?

I understand maybe if I need to do the medical again, however, I thought on the clearance end that I was still possibly covered, as it hasn’t been a full year yet since it was granted. Is there a way to check and see if it is active. Sorry for the long question, this is just rather confusing. As I know when I left the Military, I kept my SECRET for 2 years post service when it was no longer in use.

Public trust is not a clearance. Perhaps they have different rules about how long eligibility is maintained. I say eligibility because that is what you maintained with regard to your secret clearance. You maintained eligibility, but not access.