Has anyone reapplied to an IC agency and got accepted?

I may need to self cancel my COE, however I’m interested in working for this particular IC agency in the future.

Is it common for those who reapply without any red flags to get reaccepted again? I know I’m not gonna get special treatment second time around but I don’t want to get blacklisted for declining this current COE.

If you elect to self-cancel your COE, then you can reapply and will likely get another chance at candidacy for the same or similar position, assuming there are no red flags by the time your next application is submitted. This dynamic changes out of the applicant’s favor as soon as the IC organization takes negative action(s) against the applicant, e.g., suitability denials, clearance denials, etc. Some IC orgs will take negative action and still tell the applicant to reapply after X number of months/years. Other IC orgs are finicky and won’t, essentially blackballing the applicant from that specific organization. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Just wanted to ask in this thread the same question, but in terms of if you received a clearance denial.

My access appeals panel is tomorrow and just curious if things go badly.