Heavy drug use when younger. Have to get TS Q for DOE. Do I stand a chance?

Recently offered job but have to get a TS Q Clearance with DOE. I know i have to be and plan to be completely honest on e-quip but I just wanted some feedback on what my estimated odds might be for actually obtaining it. Here is my History.

16 - smoked marj, parents found out and sent to rehab.

2005 - age 17 - Arrested for Possession of Marj - sent to Rehab, left on own accord - case was dismissed

2006 to 2007 - age 18 - went into navy and got in trouble for underage drinking, discharged at 19 with general under honorable

2007 - age 19 - POM & drug par and given probation

2008 - age 20 - alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle

6/3/2009 - age 21 - arrested for prob violation from 2007 because of 2008 charge

2010 - age 22 - Assault family violence - class A mis - dismissed - got in fight with GF and cops were called. when she tried to leave i grabbed her arm to stop her and was arrested.

4/10/2010 - age 22 - moved back in with gf and was pulled over for speeding, there was protective order out and was arrested. Released without prosecution. Protective order not held because GF would not leave me alone and wanted to remain together.

ages 16 - 20 experimental escalating to heavy use with pot and would drink underage

ages 20-23 began using prescription painkillers which escalated to heroin at the age of 23

between ages 23 and 24 stopped using all opiates and went to doctor to get on suboxone - used it about 8 months as prescribed.

2012 checked myself into rehab to get off of suboxone( and all drugs and alcohol) - completed rehab successfully.

2012 left rehab and immediately checked myself into a sober living home for men and stayed there for 11 months, 9 months of which i helped manage the home.

8/13/2014 - Arrested for warrant because i did not handle issue with assault family violence. Had 2 years clean and was able to show proof i had turned life around. Judge and Prosecuting Attorney dismissed charges.

Sober from all drugs and alcohol since 6/24/2012 - 9 years & 3 months

active In NA and AA still

Still have Sponsor

went back to school and graduated CUM LAUDE with degree in Mech Eng in 2021

Married for 7.5 years

first child born this year

good credit

strong work history

What are my chances?

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I would say your chances are good, given the time which has passed since last use and your positive work and family experience since then. But don’t expect to be among that fastest 90% of cases.

I’d advise you to dig up details regarding arrests, court dates, other encounters with law enforcement as the investigator will want to see that.


I think you can clear as all is 10 years in rear view. Disclose history to investigator…but don’t put items on form outside the 10 year mark. Be frank with investigator. Laying it all on the table is in your favor