Mitigating prior drug use for DOE Q clearance

I accepted an offer for a position that requires DOE Q clearance to be attained within 24 months of starting. I need to submit my e-QIP this week or the offer will be rescinded.

I have no arrests, financial difficulties or other issues that I believe could be potentially disqualifying.

6 years and 10 months ago, when I was 24, I went to a music festival. I purchased LSD for myself and others (not for profit) and brought that with. Additionally, while I was there, I used acid, MDMA and one line of cocaine.

That is the only instance of illegal drug use within the 7 year window. I was 24 at the time and it was less that one year after graduating college, while I was still living in the college town with college roommates.

Shortly after, I moved to a different town and stopped associating with people I had used illegal drugs with. About 6 months later, I moved to a different state where I have been gainfully employed for the last 6 years, got married and had children.

Is there anything I should do on my e-QIP to attempt to mitigate the prior drug use or should I wait until my interview? Given the details above, do I have any chance at interim clearance? What are my chances for DOE Q approval?

You can put a brief description in the comment section describing how your circumstances have changed like you did here. The full story will come from your interview with the investigator. They will ask several questions about the situation which will give a picture of how your life is now versus how it was at the time you used the drugs.