Help! Rejection from an IC career


I am a student, and I really want to get into a Cybersecurity / Computer Science position or internship at an intelligence agency. I have recently gotten semifinalist on one, but to my horror, after submitting my SF-86, I was denied because my processing would “take too long”. I am a dual citizen of an “enemy” nation and have a foreign contact (my grandma) as well as one visit to one of the nation’s allies (this summer).

How can I ever get a job in that field? Am I doomed to never get a position due to my dual citizenship? Is there absolutely any way to apply earlier and receive a TS clearance for the position?


Tough one. You might eventually get cleared but it would take a loonnng investigation. You do realize that there are cyber jobs that don’t require a clearance? Cyber is hot in the private sector as well.


I know. However, I really want to work for the government and I believe that it’s a great way to make connections. The Cybersecurity world is incredibly hard to get into–no one wants to hire a cybersecurity specialist that hasn’t proven their worth. I believe a job (or even an internship) at an IC is my ticket to success.

Are you willing to eventually renounce your other citizenship? Dual citizens have a tough time getting clearance for the type of work you’re talking about, regardless of which country it is with: Dual Citizenship And Security Clearances - ClearanceJobs

I had to renounce my NEW ZEALAND citizenship (NZ for crying out loud!!!) and it cost me over $700 and it took almost a year during the pandemic…and guewss what i was STILL terminated nor did I ever get my security clearance.

I REGRET renouncing my NZ citizenship as i went home last christmas and I was offered an ad hoc job interview for an engineering position but because i had renouced I didn’t have right to work or stay in NZ anymore :frowning:

Oh wow. That really sucks.

I wouldn’t pin my hopes on working in the intelligence field. However, if you’re seriously interested in cybersecurity and become proficient, you’ll likely have good employment prospects outside of intelligence work.