Hired as IRS contact Rep with criminal history, how do I know it’s safe to quit current job

Hello all,

I applied in January. Got tentatively hired and fingerprinted in May. Then firm offer came the first week of August. I’m overjoyed to start my Irs career but also super worried that the background investigation will result in me getting fired after already starting the job, as I’ve read about happening elsewhere. My question is: given the entry level position and the fact that I have a firm offer, should I feel secure in leaving my current job?

I emailed the person who sent me the firm offer and all she offered was that personnel security had to approve me in order to get firm offer and that the eqip would be coming as a continuation of the background check but it had a lot of the same types of questions I had already answered.

Hoping someone can help shed some light.

If they fingerprinted you, any criminal history would have turned up right away. I think many of the stories of people starting jobs then getting let go are from contractors.