Receiving secret clearance interview after leaving job


Last year I accepted a role with a defense contractor. The role required me to get secret clearance so filled out all the paperwork and SF86. I was employed with the company for a short period of time and have since left this role. However, I received a call this week for an interview process by an OPM contract agency. Is this a common occurrence? Would I still get a clearance even after leaving employment from the company that sponsored this?

Thanks in advance for any input!

The paperwork has just hit the field. If you are not currently working for a sponsoring agency that requires a clearance, your background investigation will be discontinued. At the interview, you will need to disclose to the investigator that you have left your former job. You should be a nice person and let the investigator know before the interview. It would be a waste time for both of you to continue with the interview.

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Thank you for the input.

If you could find a company that would want to continue to sponsor your clearance I would do the interview.

The original Agency requesting the background investigation makes that decision. Simply getting a job with another company doesn’t mean the same investigation (or investigation type) will be accepted.

Let the investigator know you are willing to be interviewed but are no longer in a position requiring a security clearance. This will let them know you are not against the interview but you are not defrauding the system.