How can I prove Mitigation of Adjucations?

I am looking for some help as I will have to do a SF86 soon.

So far I have accessed my medical records to make sure the data is accurate when I put it on.

But I am curious what I can do from now till I am investigated to prove that I have definitely mitigated these issues.

Throughout college I had a few suicidal ideation incidents

The first being In March of 2013 while in the National guard and out on training. My grandfather had died and my family essentially harassed me into coming home and dropping training at the time. I then had to go back and start all over witch caused some adjustment issues and I was kind of angry with my family and short with all the dumb â– â– â– â–  in the military. No drugs or alcohol involved

The next being Halloween of 2013, I had went out drinking as a freshman and had too much and sent some suicidal messages. Police did well check and went to ER, a lot of it came from thinking I was partially at fault for a friend committing suicide in April of 2013 while I was back at the base shortly after returning. I did not want to enter treatment so a magistrate got a hold on me and I spent a week in a psychiatric unit

The third was September of the next year where I spent a night in the ER similar to last but was released once sober and had no ideation.

I started marijuana use about 2-3x weekly in place of alcohol but wasn’t like dependent at all and never actually paid for it was all social situations

In December I started seeing a school counselor and was prescribed some depression and anxiety meds that I felt messed up my head a bit and stopped taking them and eventually started feeling fine again. Apptment stopped.

The 4th and final being in July 2016 after a breakup and struggling with a lot of stress from classes and a recent friends death which I hadn’t mentioned at all during it as i didn’t prefer to talk about it. This time I spent 3 days voluntarily in a psychiatric ward and discharged w plans/conditions for follow up treatment

The follow up did not really go through as it was essentially impossible to schedule any in a reasonable time frame w my schedule. After this time I did however follow other treatment recommendations and abstained from marijuana and alcohol as well as implemented other recommendations from discharge instructions. And have been fine since outside of Talkspace mentioned below

I did return to drinking occasionally at one point but my habit was significantly modified. Marijuana was cut off due to looking for jobs in my senior year. My association w the friends that participated wasnt cut off but no longer went to their hangout to avoid.

I later moved away from college and have little to no contact with them. Additionally returned home less as my family did have issues with alcohol and it didn’t seem like the best environment

Last year around March I used marijuana twice with the freak out of covid and some relationship issues due to my partner causing some anxiety with refusing to see me due to covid but after regretted it and believed it was a bad idea, I thought at the time it was besT to end the relationship and did so thenwent on Talkspace and talked to a counselor from July till august then it kind of cut off as I was feeling fine again.

Since around October I don’t even drink caffeine or alcohol.

My question here is what kind of things can I do or get now to help prove that these circumstances are mitigated? I’ve read the link under the side bar but am not sure how to 100% prove those factors. I no longer use or have intent rarely drink and have been successfully employed. For 4 years after college being successfully. Promoted after my first year than doing a transfer to a more significant role last April.

While I can talk to all this I feel like I may need some sort of evidence to prove this other than my word. I see reasons listed as going through a drug/alcohol program and following mental health treatment plans. However I didn’t do counselling and its been 5 years since my last issue. I did however follow the rest of their recommendations to form healthy habits which worked for me, however I feel those are hard to prove.

I would be willing to get a psychological evaluation and do anything else really necessary as I do love my job.

Any recommendations appreciated.

@ Popcorn0wnz, it is critical that you are able to provide completion of treatment and consistent meetings with your counselor. I fully understand where you are coming from and life hits with jabs at times but, as stated by Wait4ever if you don’t get it, life goes on.

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There are also courses that you can take in person or online on drug and alcohol awareness. DCSA tends to think highly about people who use those sources, especially the in-person options.

What would give me alarm is that you were released from the psychiatric ward with specific follow-up requirements. You did not comply. You may have a good job now and one that you’re excelling in, but I am concerned DCSA will see you as a bit of a time bomb—someone with a lot of potential triggers.

Also, that you were prescribed medicine and then took yourself off the regime against the doctor’s advice.

There may also be concerns that your psychological changes may subject you to blackmail. I would definitely get a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist with the stated purpose of seeking a recommendation for a security clearance. But I would ensure that she’s being subjective and that you’re not purchasing an opinion.

The DCSA would expect a report that goes step by step through your psychiatric history and proffers a science-based and realistic explanation for why they ought to believe you’re no longer a psychological liability. I can imagine DCSA employs psych professionals to evaluate letters from practitioners for soundness in their written reports about applicants.


@Amberbunny2 has written in other threads about mental health treatment and clearances. Search them out

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Def support getting a counselor/therapist…covering all of this. Requires you to revisit somewhat painful places in your life. But with benefit of hindsight…and where you are now…that you matured, no longer use, rarely imbibe…all positives.

I went through a painful divorce, made bad decisions but talking through it all with a counselor began to heal. Having those records available…with their take on your behavior is hugely in your favor.

Its like having a plumbing issue…the government will ask a plumber if it is big deal…or an electrical issue. You can tell them you are better all day long. But the professional opinion of the plumber and electrician…receive heavier weight. So start now. Get a track record of 6 8…10 visits under the belt. And let the Doc tell them their professional opinion