How do I know which clearance I need?

I applied for a CBP Technician job and on the job announcement under security clearance it’s listed as “not applicable”. I filled out an SF86, which I thought came with a tier 5 which requires a subject interview. However, when I spoke to the BI he said that I wasn’t on his list to be interviewed.

If it said not applicable, you would not have filled out an SF86. Are you sure it wasn’t an SF85? Position of trust? Most Secret clearances are national agency checks. TS positions require a BI and subject interview.

Those clearance descriptions on USAJobs are not always 100% accurate; wouldnt be the first time I’ve heard of “not applicable” turning into “applicable.”

If you talked to the investigator, wasnt that the interview? And does this mean you got some kind of job offer?

Press forward, Carry on, all that sort of rot.

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The investigator called about a College roommate that lives outside of the state. He needed someone that was local to interview. I asked him was he going to interview me and he said it’s not on his list.

I received a tentative offer before filling out the e-qip. The e-qip in itself covered the last 10 years of employment.

Its possible your case has not yet been assigned or could be assigned to another investigator. Do you have a POC in the hiring agency you could ask?

If I’m reading correctly, it sounds like your school & old roommate are in a different geographical location than yourself. That would mean an entirely different investigator that is local to your area will be handling your own subject interview.

That makes perfect sense. My University is only an hour or so from my city. My college roommate lives in a different state. The investigator stated he’s in town for the week and that currently their are no local BI in my area. He travelled from from out of state to conduct my investigation.

My personal contacts have not been contacted yet. It’s possible he visited former places of employment. Not sure.

Yes I’ll give him a call tomorrow. I checked all of my emails and a copy of my submitted eQip. I don’t see anything stating which security clearance I need to obtain.

The company or government office puts you in for the clearance they want. You don’t select that option.

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The investigator informed me that I’m being investigated for a Top Secret T5. He also stated that someone else is doing my personal subject interview(he doesn’t know when). He has no idea if I will receive an interim clearance as that is left up to the employer.

It’s not up to the employer. It’s up to the employer to request an interim and to justify the need for it. The government agency requesting your clearance will make the determination.

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Clarifying, the FSO knows what the clearance requirement is for the seat the person occupies. So the company FSO does put a person in for the clearance necessary. You could frame that as the government decided what clearance was required/necessary…but he company will know what clearance level to put on the cover sheet accompanying the SF86 when it moves to clearance division. Hence my phrasing it as the company puts you in for the level you require.

Before CBP sent my Sf86 off their hiring center reviewed my form with me over the phone. That’s who informed me that I’d receive an interim clearance. I had no idea a separate agency actually conducts the BI.

There’s always contact info you as an applicant can use to clarify this kind of question. Call the number at the end of the announcement under “How to Apply.”

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