How long does a suitability determination take?

I submitted my Sf-86 on eQip a week ago and am waiting to hear back about a suitability determination so I can receive a firm offer, CAC, and begin working until BI is completed. Does anyone know how long the suitability determinations typically take? The position is for a non-critial, sensitive position (DOD) requiring a secret clearance. I have a criminal charge ( ALMOST year old dismissed misdemeanor) that I am almost certain will delay the determination. I also have numerous places of residence/ employment (due to many PCS moves), a lost passport, and a short sale (due to PCS move, never missed any payments). If any of that factors into the suitability determination as well. I currently work as a fed contractor at the same place that I would work as a civilian and they are eager to get me in the position, so I feel awful and keep thinking I’ll be denied all together. If I am denied, will the hiring manger know why I was denied? I don’t want everyone I work with knowing about my past, although I’d likely have to tell them why I was denied anyways. Anyone have any insight?

Your employer won’t know the specific reasons if you are denied or the suitability determination is delayed. As to the factors you list, hard to say. A dismissed charge should be benign since there was no conviction. Moving around jobs also isn’t a bad thing if you weren’t fired or let go for bad reasons. If you left/moved around voluntarily on good terms, that should also benign.

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