How long it takes SF85P?

How do they go about expedited SF85P processing?
Does “expedited” makes sense when it comes to SF85P processing?

What is the least and longest amount of time it takes to process the SF85P (eQIP)?

Incidentally, I have seen some recent grads (Masters) started their job within 33 days from finger printing for jobs that require clearance at the level of SF85P. How was it possible to start so quickly - see timelines:
Tentative Offer: 02/02/xx
Fingerprints: 02/12/xx
Firm Offer: 02/23/xx
EOD: 03/15/xx

The public trust background investigation is normally pretty minimal and does not allow access to high risk areas, You don’t normally need a completed BI to start a public trust position.

Also, the SF85P is asking for 7yrs of info and seems like SF85S (the one used for secret clearance).

What is BI standfor?

background investigation. And the forms are similar. The SF86 is still more comprehensive.

Thank you.
Still wondering what they meant by expedited SF85P processing? The other guy started in the same role nearly 9months ago has no clue as to what happened to his clearance application. Do they just get you completed and only look into key aspects? Will that earn clearance? Will you be formally notified or can you track by logging into online portal?

Expedited might be an internal term. We have priority cases, but that just means they are started sooner. If we hit issues - the case slows down.

How long it might take - or a range of time?

That is a question no one in here can answer. We can give you averages, though public trust cases are not specifically tracked to my knowledge.

I’ve completed public trust cases in one day and I’ve have some take a couple weeks - once they were assigned to me.

That’s cool that you can do it quickly. So I am wondering what is the scope?

Depending on the zip code, different investigator’s reach out to different places like college, residences or workplaces during the last 7yrs and get a report?

But then, if you had foreign passport, it asks about it beyond 7yrs. Do they get police report on those travel destinations too?

Also info on siblings and parents, MIL, FIL - these are just kept in file?

I also note that they asked for three contact info like email & phone #s (USA). How this helps them to complete investigation? I have been receiving some random calls (like spam - no msgs left) few days before I completing the eQIP - is this also part of investigation?

And averages are usually for the fastest 90%. Woe betide those of us in the slowest 10…

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