How should I answer Question 9 on my OF-306?

I hope I placed this in the right category, my apologies if not.

Okay, here’s my internal dilemma. I got a TJO for my first federal position. The OF 306 wants to know if I’ve had any legal charges, including traffic tickets of $300 or more. I did have one traffic ticket that WOULD HAVE BEEN $368, if I had not taken a driver safety course as part of the deal. So, I was fined $165 and did the course instead of $350. The course dismissed the citation from my record.

I’m not sure if it qualifies for disclosure. How do you guys think I should respond to question 9? I’m leaning toward “no”, simply because ultimately my fine was $165, which is less than $300, but it was, in my opinion, quite embarrassing because it involved a school zone I wasn’t aware I was in.

List it. The ticket was $368. That is over $300. A plea deal does not change the original ticket it only changes the final negotiated agreement.


Keep it brief. If they need more they will ask. Example: Speeding ticket $368 for 10 mph over in a 20 mph school zone on 01/01/2023 by Baltimore Police Department. Took defensive driving class 02/2023 and settled ticket for $160. All obligations satisfied.


Your fine was technically under $300. So no, I wouldn’t list it. No need to be overly honestly.

So I am not sure where your advice is coming from because it is incorrect. The citation was issued for over $300. This would be the “charge”. A “charge” of over $300 was received. Subject then took a safety class which lowered the fine to $165. This would be the disposition. Subject was found guilty of a lesser charge due to the safety class.


I guess the question is was the original citation over $300 before they took the class. Keyword in their description was “WOULD HAVE BEEN”, which sounds to me they were never issued a citation $300 or more.

It was over $300, you took a deal that made it less than $300. You would therefore report it


Just report it. It’s not a big deal.

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