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Section 22 is pretty straightforward. I don’t see any ambiguity there. Put it down. Ticket valued less than $300 or without a court appearance requirement does not need to be reported.

On side note, a traffic violation is also a criminal violation. Breaking the law is criminal and you entered a plea (civil courts do not deal with guilty or non-guilty plea, criminal courts do).

You say that you had a PBJ but you just paid a fine. I don’t think that makes sense.

If you were on probation, you would have needed to do something besides pay the fine. If you were represented by a lawyer, contact their office and find out what actually happened. If you were not represented, go to the court clerk’s office and see what they can tell you.

I don’t think that it will hurt you to put if down. Just be prepared to explain it.

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Again, over report instead of under. If was truly just an infraction and you paid the fine, whatever it was, just explain it. If they look at the official record and see it as a traffic ticket and not probation from a larger crime…it doesn’t hurt you. I would check yes, and write a paragraph or two explaining what you wrote above. If there are no other related issues, I don’t see it as hurting you. Not reporting it because someone tells you “don’t report that…” THAT…can hurt you. They can interpret that as hiding it. Since there was a court appearance and they used the term PBJ and didn’t give you a sammitch…I would explain that. And yes list the one day job. Again, if they see it and you do not list it, it begs the question why you would hide that…

Speak to it and have no worries Sarah. Even a few moving violations will not cause major clearance issues. Now, driving without insurance, reckless driving, along with multiple speeding tickets speaks to judgement and temperament. That can cause concern, and question if you follow the rules of society. By putting it on your form you are honest. Any attempt to not put it on the form…may be interpreted as you hiding it. I would simply explain to the investigator it was called PBJ, but it was purely driving in a bus lane. Some folks do it purposely, others purely by error. I can tell you in Norfolk Va when they added the trolley line…it confuses everyone and used to make me paranoid driving there.

Probation is probation. You were given a specific set of guidelines to follow or the outcome of your case would be different, yes?

Report it and explain it.

You will likely get an interview. Be prepared to bring this up with the investigator BEFORE you are challenged with it. Write it up, include what happen, why you didn’t report it and go into any mitigating factors. Present that to the investigator at the start of the meeting.

People make mistakes and omit things all of the time. They are used to this. By presenting it right away you do not look like you were trying to hide it.

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How someone could be on probation for a criminal conviction (felony, misdemeanor), and yet not be aware of the fact is beyond me.

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