Incident report non crime

Thanks for all the suggestions.

If you haven’t already, you need to collect your thoughts and coherently tell your FSO. Any contact with the police barring any tickets is supposed to be reported. Even if you weren’t at fault. A business can trespass anyone technically which means that they can simply ask you to leave.

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The reason why is because of the risk of coercion or blackmail.

If you are going to get the restraining order, you need to report it. I don’t see any risk of coercion or blackmail, but you are party to civil litigation even if you are the plaintiff.

I dont plan on getting the restraining order. When the incident occurred I told my ex I would get it if I wasnt left alone. Since the incident happened she has left me alone. I don’t want to deal with the court or anything and I just want to move on. There is no civil litigation so do I still need to report? I wasnt cited or given a ticket or anything, just an incident report was written. Do I need to worry about this affecting my clearance?Also what is an FSO and how do I contact them if I need to

You know what . . . Despite what I said above, I think that you should report it anyway. It shouldn’t hurt you in your RI but you did have an interaction with the police. Write it up and send it to your FSO. Get their response in writing. They may tell you that there is no need to report it further but if it comes up later, you may be happier that you reported it.

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How do I find out who my FSO is and their contact info?

The FSO is someone at your company responsible for this stuff. Check with your security office.

actually… individual ticket with the value over $300 need to be reported. Moreover, I believe that multiple traffic infractions in short period of time are reportable (for this part, you will need to ask agency’s security office).

I had an agency that required us to report any traffic infraction regardless of value within 5 or 7 miles radius of our duty station.

I agree with Ed (and any others) about reporting the incident. A subsequent records check may still turn up your name depending on the police agencies reporting system. Some will hash out every name involved whether victim, complainant, suspect, witness, etc. I can’t see how reporting the police contact would hurt you. I would also obtain a certified copy of the entire report from that police agency should you ever need to produce it.