How Time Card Fraud Can Cost You Your Security Clearance

With all of the ways to electronically track your activities these days, I am still amazed at the audacity of some who blatantly lie about when they showed up and left work or submit time cards claiming an over-inflated amount of hours worked. Smartphones, computer access logs, door access readers, security cameras, and your co-workers are all ways in which your activities are tracked and recorded. Read the blog article here…

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Dang. 1700 out of 3200 hours? So more than half the time was fraudulent? That’s crazy. Heck, I get nervous when I wonder if I accounted for my lunch breaks correctly.


New company, new manner of accounting for time. I agree with Marko. cameras, log ons, sending emails from high and low side, access control to buildings…way too many ways of verifying. As a manager I am ony paid for 40 weekly, but it is a given I work a minimum of 45 to 50.

Isn’t working extra hours without pay a threat indicator? You should get paid for the time you put in. I know we’re trained to watch out for the people who put in extra time at the office without approval. Also in my environment if you were to get hurt when you weren’t on your official time that’s another big no no

Amberbunny is talking about except vs non-exempt.

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Absolutely. And there is enormous new pressure on overtime and getting hourly folks off the clock on time.