Should I report someone misreporting their time?

I know somone that is misreporting their time. I have told the person that people have been fired for doing that, but they are still doing it. Should I tell on them? I don’t want to seem like a tater tale, but at the same time, its unfair that the rest of the team is working hard and doing everything right.

Follow your company or agency policy or speak to a supervisor and let them handle it. As a caveat, if this person has a security clearance and are behaving in a dishonest or unethical manner it is your obligation to report it to the responsible security office, just ensure you have facts to back up your claims.

If the person keeps on misreporting their time, then you are most likely obligated to file an ethics complaint which can even be done anonymously. If the person gets terminated, then the company should inform security who will need to report it as well.

I’m glad you approached the person first. You are right, it has a negative effect on the rest of the group and could even tempt others to try it also.

Thanks for the replies… After more incidents of time mischarging, I filed an ethics complaint. I was able to sleep better after doing so.