How to find out if my security clearence is still active

I am trying to obtain a job that requires a secret security clearance. I was court martialed for spice in late 2011. I got a general discharge under honorable conditions(no jail time). I just need to know how I can find out whether or not my security clearance was revoked. What avenues are available? Is this something I can find out over the internet? a phone call? This is very time sensitive. I would appreciate the help. Thank you!

What’s spice?

Synthetic Marijuana.

It depends on how diligent the DOD component that you were in was in following the proper procedures. Once you were charged with the offense your clearance should have been suspended, and when you were found guilty of the offense and discharged it should have been revoked. That being said, they may have just administratively withdrawn it since you were already out of the military. Either way, there will be issues with you applying for a future clearance due to your drug use while in a cleared status. The only way to know for sure how they handled it is to have a possible employer who has access to JPAS check the history.