How to maintain clearance investigation

Hello All,

So currently I am approximately 7 months from my ets date from army active duty. My ts/sci investigation started January 2018. I haven’t even had my investigation interview yet. I’m planning on taking terminal leave in September. My question is: will joining the reserves or guard into my same MOS continue my clearance investigation…even if it goes past my active duty ets date? I want to work in intelligence outside the army but worry that my investigation will stop as soon as I leave active duty which would leave me with no clearance. I just want to maintain this clearance without reenlisting active duty. I had always planned to go guard or reserves. I imagine the department of Defense is my sponsor for my current investigation so will staying under the department of Defense in the reserves or guard keep the investigation active…meaning I can also work in a civilian position that requires a clearance? Thanks for any help

In theory, if you need a certain level of clearance to do your job, then you should maintain it whether active duty or reserve. In the Army, one of the things you have to do during the out processing is meet with one of the reserve/guard counselors and have them sign your sheet. I would ask them directly about your situation and see what they can do for you. In this situation, communication is key as the Active duty, Reserves, and the National Guard are three different entities. If you decide to go Guard, you need to make sure your state has a billet for your job available because if you don’t land that job, then you won’t need the clearance and they won’t keep it active pass your ETS date. Reserve’s is the same system, but easier to find a position because you are not geographically constrained. Even now they are probably looking at you getting out and aren’t really pushing your investigation forward. Do your research and make sure you get a slot where you need that level of clearance.

ARNG and USAR/Active are two separate sponsors/requesters depending on the mission or position. Requesting officials don’t bother letting NBIB know when their guys ETS so just sit tight and proceed with the interview if your position still requires a TS.

In short: There generally wouldn’t be an impact on your investigation because NBIB likely won’t even know you ETS’d or x-ferred to a different component unless someone looked into it to confirm the status of the case.

As the others say, your investigation should continue, and by going into the reserves/guard you should be able to maintain it. As I recall, some MOSs require TS/SCI while other folks only get it based on the assignment. So if your MOS requires that level of clearance it should keep you on the books.