Periodic Review in between jobs

So I am currently in the army reserves but my IRR date is in April. I am also currently deployed as a contractor and they also hold my clearance. My PR date is in early June and my deployment is set to end mid June. I do not plan on staying with the company I am deployed with so where does that leave my clearance if I am not able to find employment right away? I am worried that I will lose my clearance just due to unfortunate timing. Can I do anything about this?

IIRC you lose your cleared status pretty quickly if you leave your employer without being claimed by another that requires the clearance. You’d show up as Loss of Jurisdiction which means you’d need another investigation.

Remaining in the Army reserves would probably prevent that, as I know my sister is cleared as a reservist and she only goes to drill like once a month or whatever.

Your best bet may be staying with your company until the PR is done, finding your next employer and leaving once they are ready to take you in.