IRR, PR, and TS

Thank you in advance for providing additional information on this.

I am an army reservist assigned to a TPU as an intel analyst. I work full-time for DHS, where my clearance is being utilized. I was recently offered a role as a DoD contractor in Qatar. I have 7 months remaining on my current army reserves contract and decided to go into the IRR until I get back from Qatar. I’ve had my TS since 2017, and recently, my unit’s security manager submitted my PSIP for initiation of my EQIP for my PR. My question is, will my PR get impacted if I go into the IRR? This is all new to me, and I’m trying to make the best decision given the circumstances.

IRR is still reserve status. It will not impact your clearance unless you new position in the IRR does not require that clearance level.

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If I transfer to a 35F IRR position, it’ll stay active? I’m currently a 35F in the TPU.

Used to be that if your MOS required TS/SCI then they would do an update for IRR soldiers. Pretty sure 35F falls into this category. Be advised you go to the bottom of the list and it may take a while before the investigation is completed and a final adjudication show up in DISS (formerly JPAS).

Hopefully the DoD contractor will be able to pick up your clearance; I got stuck once when my USAR periodic update was awaiting adjudication and my civilian employer could not pick it up until it was final. Even though the customer was the US Army. (insert favorite face-palm emoji/meme/gif here)

oh wow, now I’, worried. I will be speaking with the security manager for the company I’m going to be working for. They’re a very well-known contractor in the NOVA/DC area/. I fear taking this opportunity and getting stuck in limbo if anything were to go wrong. I received an automatic email today that my PSIP for the EQIP for my PR was received. There were a bunch of names cc’d on this email. Do you recommend I get in touch with them and explain my situation? Some of them, I think, are my background investigators. Thank you all for your input.

Personally, I would not recommend that… don’t think it would do any good, anyway. They have their job to do and they’re going to do it.

On a separate note… what is a PSIP? They may have added that step since I last went through this nut-roll

When did you go through the PR? I won’t contact them. My initial investigation was in 2016, and even back then, it went through the PSIP process or Personnel Security Investigation Portal (PSIP). Anyhow, your input has dramatically helped me understand the process. Will probably not take this opportunity if there’s an even 1% chance of a negative impact on the PR process.

I received the following email after submitting my SF-86 days earlier:

The Army Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI‐CoE) has, IAW USDI Memo ‐ DoD Guidance for Implementation of Measures to Reduce BI Inventory_27 July 2018, identified the background investigation request for the above mentioned applicant to be qualified for enrollment into the DoD Continuous Vetting (CV) program.

Hopefully, this is good news.

You are now eligible CE/CV… woohoo!

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What I am curious to know if the decision by one agency to enroll someone in CE/CV means that all other agencies will agree…?

Wait, this came from a Center of Excellence! Well that should settle all disputes :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_face_with_tear:

@backgdinvestigator @sbusquirrel thank you both. I’m relieved about this. I have nothing to hide, but the first-time experience was less than desirable.