How to Make it Easier for a Background Investigator to Contact You

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It seems every day we hear a new story about some company or government agency getting hacked by unknown perpetrators who steal sensitive identity or financial information. Think…….Yahoo, LinkedIn, Oracle, Target, State Department, Office of Personnel Management, and the Internal Revenue Service just to name a few. As a result, we follow the advice of…

After the interview if you think of other details or information that you feel is important regarding the investigation will that raise a red flag if you contact your investigator

Not necessarily, unless it is about something that you were required to disclose and didn’t.

Thank you . Something came up about something I did 5 1/2 years ago. I spoke with the investigator about it. I wasn’t arrested or charged. Just did something ( poor judgement) . I put it so far back into memory that I keep thinking of my information to mitigate what I did. Maybe I should just wait until adjudication , but it seems what I understand it’s best to give clarity as much as you can during the investigation. I already called my investigator once but not sure if I should call him again. About the same topic. Is it ever too late?? This incident wasn’t disclosed bc it was part of a FBI investigation and I was a witness so I only knew it was in my records after they ran a name check on me