Scared what may happen with investigation.

I am 22 in the military and currently going through my back ground investigation for my TS.
During the interview with investigator I withheld information about having been in the adult film industry (all through legal avenues). Is it too late to call/text my investigator and provide this information or would it be considered punishable for withholding it?
I don’t want to start of my career off by lying just that was a separate part of my life and I have moved on from it. Just I am worried that when they access my IRS tax history or anything else that do backgrounds checks on that it will show a different narrative than that I told them.

  • I don’t have any criminal record.
    I literally only have a parking ticket which was only associated with my name because I was the one driving the vehicle and I paid for it.
  • great credit. Never missed rent or bills of any sort.
  • never have had drug problems.
  • has great grades through high school and in college.
  • never was fired from a job.
    So, at the point I am at in the investigation what is the likely out come and what are possible things I could do to further ensure I am granted a clearance?
    All insight much appreciated!

How long ago was your interview? Did you omit employment history from your security forms? I would not suggest providing this information via text.

So you omitted a previous employment and then lied to the investigator?

Hopefully an adjudicator or an investigator will see your post.

Obviously, since I’m still in processing myself, I can only take a wild guess, but based off of previous posts and other decisions from the DOHA site:

  1. Omitting/lying/hiding things is bad. If your porn career was in the investigative scope, you should have reported it.
  2. Your failure to be forthcoming may make you look susceptible to blackmail.
  3. It will be MUCH worse for you if you don’t come forward and they find out from another source and end up having to confront you about it. If you want to come clean, do it now.

@backgdinvestigator actually did a very good write up of how background investigations are handled: View from the otherside of the Background Investigator credentials

It was about one hour maybe an hour and a half. We were going over the SF-86 form. I did omit employment history. What would you suggest that I do? Contact investigator and then schedule another interview?

Correct. What would be the best route to take? Should I contact him and admit to this before the investigation goes on?

Yes. I would contact the investigator and ask to meet again because there is additional information you need to provide that was not on the security forms. You will need to provide all information left off of the forms, to include dates of empl, title, employers address, phone, supervisor, job location, etc. It is better to try to mitigate this now rather than it coming up during the field work. Be honest with the investigator about the reason for the omission.

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You need to call your investigator and tell them you need to admit additional employment. Although your adult themed employment was legal - the omission tells the security apparatus that you are very vulnerable to blackmail.

You need to cut this off at the pass and take what lumps might arise, if any. If the employment is developed (investigation speak for discovered) this will go very South very quickly.

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How long has it been since the interview? You need to reach out to the investigator and ask to meet.

Just a few thoughts on the problems that you may have when you report this:

How were you paid? Did you properly claim this income on your federal/state/local tax reports? Do your family and friends know about your past? Will this make you susceptible to blackmail or coercion?

Why did you leave this part of your life off of your security application? Was it just embarrassment or are you hiding it from others? How certain can you be that everything that you did was legal? Underage performers? Drug use by you or others? Coercion of others into participating?

Remember, you may not have thought much of it but this is an industry riddled with scandal, illegal activities, drug use and the spread of disease. (I am NOT moralizing here, there have been numerous news reports of issues including the spread of hepatitis and AIDS, along with rampant drug use, in the LA porn community.)

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Highly recommend calling investigator, speaking to all of it…and if what Ed is saying is true…Houston, we have a problem. If it is just sexual embarrassment…come clean and speak to it. This is obviously something one could be blackmailed over. So you want it on record. If someone tried to blackmail you…tell them go ahead it was reported. As military they really don’t have the same type of forms and such for reporting additional income. But if you were formally paid…there is a trail.