Old Investigation Question

Little background, I was up for a TS/SCI FS Poly a few years ago with a 3 letter agency. Over 8 years ago, when I was around 20, I dated a 16 year old, but we never “went all the way” just messed around, and it was a very short-lived relationship. I never talked about it with my investigator, because I didn’t think it was a big deal or even criminal. I eventually brought it up with my polygraph examiner because I couldn’t pass the poly and I thought they may have been why. When I disclosed it, he didn’t seem to care and said it wasn’t a big deal. I ultimately never made it past the polygraph(but didn’t get denied a clearance). Fast forward to the present, I am up for another Top Secret without a polygraph , and I disclosed the issue to my investigator, and she didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, but said she would go ahead and report it just in case. Will I be denied because I brought it up with my current investigator, but not the investigator who processed my last investigation? Like I said, I don’t think anything I did was wrong or illegal and neither did the investigator.

It is unlikely that you will be denied for this reason, and if you are, you have a pretty credible defense for appealing the decision. You indicate that you didn’t knowingly withhold this during your previous investigation, and based on what you said, you might not have even done anything illegal. You were forthcoming with it to your polygrapher, and you have been told that this is a minor issue.

Also, it’s rare for a clearance to be denied just for a single, relatively small reason. They are looking at the whole person, not just looking for one crack in the facade.