How would I know if my credit history pulled?

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I have applied for Moderate risk federal job. I had my interview with Background investigator on Oct 25 th. How would I know that my credit history pulled?


You can look at your credit report through sites like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame to see if your credit report was pulled. You should also receive a letter stating that an inquiry was conducted by DCSA, if that is who is conducting the investigation If you had your interview, it should have been pulled prior to your interview. Did they discuss credit issues during the interview?

No. Wrong. You ALWAYS go to

Credit Karma is NOT a credit bureau. Annual Credit Report will give you your credit report from all 3 of the credit bureaus; Credit Karma can only access two of those bureaus. Credit Karma provides you with an incomplete picture of your credit history and scores.

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I understand to get the best copy of your credit report is the site you referenced, but it is only free one time per year. Though credit karma and credit sesame don’t offer a cumulative credit report, the credit report pulled from DCSA comes from all three reporting bureaus. It would have to show up on one Credit Karma or Credit Sesame. Annual credit report is ideal, but many people are already utilizing Credit Karma.

Your credit history was pulled! It’s an automatic.

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Correct. If you sign a DHS 11000-9 or DOJ 555 or DS-4002 or the like, your credit will be “pulled” by the agency conducting your background investigation.

Thank you guys. I had my interview with investigator on Oct 25th. My credit karma and Credit sesame says NO credit is pulled so far. Generally how long does it take to pull credit once we had interview?

Credit gets pulled before interview, as the investigator will go over the credit report with you.