HR didn't inform me of issues with OF306 and vet pro-help

Upon receiving an offer from an out of state VA facility I wanted to transfer to I ran into some issues regarding forms I incorrectly filled out and was never addressed or caught by HR at either the VA I interned at or currently work (2 years and already passed my probationary period). I also found my Certificate of Reciprocity and COI which was sent to the transfer VA HR by my HR rep at my current VA site.

I noticed several of my documents were missing from my eOPF file (including certificate of reciprocity,
security clearance, 306, 2850c etc.) After my file was considered for rescinding a job transfer, I spoke with the credentialing specialist to explain the issues I have ran into. I explained that only until I attempted to transfer, that the issues with my forms was brought to my attention. At that point I was informed my file was being sent to suitability for review. I spoke with HR representative at my current VA site and it was determined several of my On Boarding forms were missing from my file. I explained I had several (approximately four) HR employees working on my On Boarding to my current VA site. I resubmitted my On Boarding forms several times and was never notified of an issue with not disclosing the firing on the On Boarding forms, and keeping the disclosure on Vet Pro transparent. I explained that I was not made aware by my VA internship site or current VA site that there was an issue with these forms, I explained it was my misunderstanding as I assumed disclosure was in regards to positions relevant to employment and licensure.

Can someone help me understand if suitability will take into account transfer reciprocity and can provide documents regarding everything provided to HR which wasn’t addressed? I am looking to relocate due to family issues and explained that as well.

I don’t think that anyone here is going to have specific information on the internals of VA transfers. I know that I can’t help you . . . Sorry . . .

Thanks for the response. It’s very confusing because I’m going through the process as if I was a new employee, the whole situation is very bizarre.

Admittedly, I am a bit confused by this post. Nonetheless, I think this post seems more suitable to FedSoup than here as folks over there probably can answer this. Anyway, for a start… security clearance forms and OF306 aren’t usually in electronic official personnel folder (eOPF).

As for reciprocity… I am going to make assumptions: 1) your current position is with Veterans Affairs (VA), 2) the offered position is also with VA, 3) both positions are public trust positions and 4) both positions are not national security positions. In this case, VA should be able to reciprocate unless the new position requires higher “level” of public trust (if that makes sense). Also, you shouldnt be required to undergo another probationary period since it is a transfer.

Nonetheless, Federal HR personnel is usually notorious in this; however, VA is among the worst (in my opinion). I would suggest you, in the future, to save every copy you sent to HR… get every copy from HR from now and then. Also, ask your new HR to request SF 75 and/or SF 144.