IC Poly and Adjudication Process


I don’t think so, in fact I think a number of people are doing it just because it takes so freakin’ long


is this time frame count from what step of the process? for adjudication time?


Same way here, when will change this status?


For my submissions that is from the date I submit to clearance division to when I get a returned and approved clearance…date of approval on form. I did get one anomaly back in 3 months recently, age 18, entry level position, one residence, no passport. Not much to scope.


Amber, I found out that I am in adjudication status since December 2015, I do have 22 months of waiting. It is for TS, is anywhere I can see if mt file is not sitting on somebody’s desk , or if I contact the congressman can he help somehow? how can I find who is my FSO? I am in touch only with a recruiter form an agency and she does not have access of more information.Thank you


I get the frustration. Since you are “outside” the agency you cannot check directly with the FSO. But if you remain on friendly enough terms with the recruiter I would start there and ask them to verify you were submitted and on what date. If you can get that in an email even better. Just in case it isn’t accurate you can show the company told you the package was submitted. I had a recent re-investigation for a person last 27 months. Clearance division tells me that isn’t out of the ordinary. If you moved a lot or had references from around the country, foreign ties or contacts, challenged credit, drug use…it will take longer. Not truly knowing if you are in process or not is frustrating. I have interviewed people who insisted they were “in process” and waiting. Only to find out there was no record from other companies submitting them. One of the future “make it better” improvements recommended is a form of web page showing your package moving through the various stages. It is at least a small measure of comfort knowing you are actually submitted.


Amber, what is the package, is there another package to submit, i am confused? I passed all the tests, interviews, medical, poly mine and my husband, background investigation completed on December 2015 and since then I am on pending, I am confused. I think the agency is within the company and the recruiter has limited access to my file, she can tell me only the pending status. Is the recruiter who can tell me about the package being submitted? Thank you very much, I really appreciate all of these information, and I am sorry for so many questions, I am trying to understand the whole process.


Forgot my password so had to make a new username (similar to old one) @thebunk03 still haven’t heard anything on my end either. I’ve now been in adjudication for 14 months. Been 22 total months since I filled out my paperwork. Not sure how much longer this is gonna take but to answer your question from a few days ago, it’s wise to apply to multiple places. I’m in a few processes myself.


“Package” being the SF 86 and pertinent investigation info. I refer to the file folder as “the package.” I have some taking 27 months. Normally 5ish months after the poly we get thumbs up or thumbs down.


Amber, I have over 5 months after poly, in adjudication status since December 2015. I checked with OPM and they can’t find me anywhere, is CIA and FBI doing there own clearances?


How long since the last Poly? 5 to 6 months is not unusual at all.


I think sometime in Fall 2015, i got the poly done and my husband had one last November 2016. I don;t know which one should be considered to count the months. I am the only one on the employment process, he was just part of my process.


IC and FBI don’t utilize OPM


Thank you, then is no way to check if my background investigation is done, besides what the FSO is telling me, right? I mean if OPM has no connections with IC and FBI


Spouse foreign born or extensive foreign connections? This adds time, distance, to equation. I am not a fan of multiple submissions to multiple agencies. They all use a variation of the same process if it requires a security clearance. I need research if it would push out the current investigation. In theory I have been told it works this way but I personally never inquired if it was closer to fact. Having seen one take 27 months I would believe you are rapidly coming to a conclusion.


Thank you, I hope so


It has been 30 months for me since I submitted my sf86. If I were you I would not be optimistic that it will end soon…


why? what are your thoughts about it?


Are you referring to 27 Months for an initial clearance or a reinvestigation?


For which agency are you referring to?