IC Poly and Adjudication Process


I have seen new Secret clearance BI’s take 24 months, and a re investigation of a TS SCI with Poly take 27 months to close out the BI. As for client, “undisclosed.”


Are these the 2017 Q3 numbers?


amberbunny, any idea why an adjudication might be pending for 4+ months without having been served a letter of intent or statement of reasons?


Oh okay. I was more concerned with initial clearance timelines.


Right now I am seeing waits of 8 months. Had one pass through in 3 months but all others after the Presidential election seemed much slower. Is it a direct result of Presidential appointments to the head of the line? Meh. Not sure one could track all the clog to that event. We have been hopelessly backlogged since at least 1994 or so when I attended my first Personnel Security course.


I don’t know why, but I know my adjudication has been pending for about 16 months for no real reason that I can tell. I don’t think there needs to be a coherent reason but it does happen.


Why I say don’t expect it to finish soon is that it can take a very long time. You also just do not gain much by being optimistic. If you pretend it is not happening you will probably be happier and more successful in your life.


That number baffles me. Are you in adjudication for a PR or initial?


Initial. I am relatively young and have not traveled too much and have no criminal record or financial issues. No real reason for a long delay. There does not need to be one. You can get lucky (relatively), or not. Hope to get lucky but don’t expect it. 3 years of a career is a long ass time that you need to pursue to its fullest potential or you will regret it.


Even with a large backlog, I find that wait very dubious. Have you attempted to resolve this? I suspect it may have gotten quite literally lost in a pile, which, according to some second hand accounts, does happen on rare occasions.


By no means am I the only person with a timeline like this if you read through this and similar sites. It’s certainly possible my case and those cases are outliers. These are just anecdotes in a large system so it’s really difficult for outside people to know. But regardless, it does happen.

As far as my case in particular, I have talked to my point of contact and my recruiter and they have done nothing as far as I know and seem to know nothing.


I’m approaching 15 months in adjudication for an initial as well. Probably the same agency too. They are known for the long wait.


I’m at 13 months for an initial as well right now. Demoralizing to realize there could be a ton more time left. Makes no sense why it’d take this long unless they were like having actual agents tail you to see if you are up to sketchy stuff. I thought with how fast I got the poly and BI stuff done it’d go quick. Nope. I don’t particularly have anything interesting in my background except for a vacation to China so I guess that could be it, but even then what could they possibly investigate. It’s not like they can send people off to China to ask the PLA if I work for them haha.


China’s a whole other thing. Go watch “Game of Pawns” off the FBI’s website. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did investigate your trip to China very closely. They take it seriously. But either way, still doesn’t explain the year plus wait all of us are going through.


True. I guess I just wonder what they possibly could be investigating. My security interview and BI asked nothing about it. I came with receipts and itineraries and they said they didn’t want to see those. None of my references were asked anything about it either.


I am on adjudications for 22 months, then what should I say more?


Have you received any meaningful indication that anything at all is happening? I have not personally. My (unsubstantiated) feeling is that it really has little to do with how long adjudication takes, and that there are just cases that are sitting in a pile indefinitely until somebody gets around to it. In the 16 months I have been in adjudication I have never been contacted by an adjudicator in any way, or received any indication that anything substantive has happened since my BI was concluded.


Same. Anytime I call in to ask whats happening all I get is “you’re still processing”. Kinda sucks to not get promoted at work because they think you’re leaving, not be able to go on any foreign vacations because it’ll prolong the process even more, etc. I hope it’s worth it.


Have your point of contact even acknowledged how obscene such a wait is? It blows my mind how that is even possible, and it makes me afraid that I might fall into a similar situation.


Nope. The only thing she ever says is that I’m still processing and that’s a “good thing”. I asked once if she could give me an average timeline and all I got back was “everyone’s process is different”.