IC Poly and Adjudication Process


That’s all they can tell you. I asked my FSO every month for 18 months what the status was and it was always “eligibility pending.” Then I stopped worrying about it everyday and the clearance came through at 24 months from Eqip submission. They are taking a long time these days, prepare yourself for the long wait.


Exact same with me. I call once a month just so they don’t forget about me but all they say is like you said, “still processing” I try to get more info out of my point of contact, but they can’t say anything else. I’ve been following forums for a while now, I’ve never seen anyone get cleared for this agency without waiting at least 12 months. Someone I know heard around the 14th month in adjudication which gave me optimism but there’s really no rhyme or reason to any of it. I’ve also never seen anyone get denied after waiting this long, for what’s it worth. Don’t think it would be totally fair to deny someone after waiting over a year in adjudication. Most people hear a few months after their poly if they don’t get it so hopefully it means we WILL hear, just have to tough it out for the time being. I’m also approaching 24 months from my eqip submission so good to know @lmikelowrey


To those with the 10+ months in adjudication, DD?


Me, too. I think it is good to know and give me more good thoughts about waiting it is worth.


Do you mean DOD? If so then no, non-DOD IC


They might contact the CIA Station in Beijing to see if there are any files there concerning you.


The key word here is “lucky”, which describes the whole BI process perfectly – luck and popularity.


Hi Amberbunny,

I got the denial letter from IC after adjudication. The letter is saying that I have the right to see a statement for the reason that I was denied. Can you help me how to get this statement?Or how can I request a review of my security clearance?


Did you get the actual “statement of Reasons” for denial or a simple notification you were denied? Normally the SOR indicates the reason, and if an appeal is available. You may require a FOI request to get the case file. I recommend a cleared clearance lawyer to assist at this stage. More than one appeal was lost due to an amateur approach.


Hi amberbunny, I just got a simple letter stating that I was disprove for a security clearance and I will receive a written statement about it. I don’t know when. Do you know how long i takes to get this written statement? I got this letter on 11/07/2017.I have been in adjudication status for 22 months, I am kind of upset because I was thinking that this long waiting time would turn into a positive answer, it looks like was not. I applied to IC.where can I find a lawyer for this kind of case? Is there any chances to turn into getting the clearance or I will spend the money for nothing?Thank you


Ahhh okay. The statement of Reasons (SOR) follows in roughly 60 days. That is the official record or reasons why you did not clear. It will also list potential appeal opportunities. I can tell you from personal experience I have seen successful appeals of financial situations, and drug use. There is possible mitigation for both. If they see 12 unpaid debts, you need get in a repayment plan for all 12. If you went through a period of time where you used drugs with a specific cohort but since removed them from your life, or if you misused prescription medication while going through a painful divorce or loss of a child or family member (think losing entire family in the recent Church shooting), but the event is now passed, you somewhat healed and are regrouping to move on. Those are specific issues with potential mitigation. However, if you were cited for a lack of candor…perhaps an arrest you would not speak to, juvenile justice issues that were sealed and you felt off limits, the path is much steeper. Normally that requires a 365 wait to start all over again. But I will tell you “lack of Candor” issues are hard to mitigate. Essentially it is as if you intentionally lied or tried to play down an item of importance. Many people are hesitant to speak to issues, though embarrassing, would never result in a denial of clearance. Had they simply talked to the issue they would have resolved the problem on the Polygraph and they likely would clear. A senior management person from my current company was denied an upgrade to TS and had his Secret clearance revoked. All due to not listing an arrest for DUI that was dismissed at the initial court appearance that night. In short, he was not guilty of DUI, and the night court judge apologized and sent him home. But he was arrested and there was a record of said arrest. Two SF 86 failures to mention, two polygraph and 2 interviews…he maintained it didn’t happen. But the SF 86 is abundantly clear on the topic. Dismissed, plead down, expunged, removed, sealed, etc…list it. His path to return to the cleared world will be more difficult. But, he did still qualify for a Position of Trust requiring an SF85. He was concerned and I helped him through the process. He did hire an attorney and paid several hundred dollars as well to give him the same answer I gave him. Life does go on. Opportunities are still there but by all means appeal the decision if the pathway is there. Speak to the specific mitigation available and get it right. If it si debt, get in a payment plan with each debt. If it is drug use, you may need wait up to 3 years before trying again. But stop using (if that is the case). If it was a lack of candor…learn from it. You cannot split hairs with the IC. Own it, speak to it, accept it may not meet their standard, but don’t play it down or attempt to lessen its meaning or impact. Full disclosure, over report vice under report.


Thank you, I really appreciate it. I have debts like everybody, but no collections , I never had any problems with alcohol or drugs, I never even tried them. Is if going to be lack of candor, will they give details about the one I did not talk about it?


Debts that are not in collection are not likely to be the problem since they are unlikely to have come up in the investigation.

Assuming that what you get is an SOR, they will be VERY clear about exactly what it is that has caused them to deny your clearance. I’m not certain that what you are getting will be an SOR. I thought that SOR’s were sent WITH the rejection not later. In other words, they send you a letter that says, "We have determined that it is not in the best interest of national security to grant you access to classified information and the enclosed SOR lists the reasons.

But, the SOR will be very clear. You will get a copy of the guidelines used in making the determination. The SOR will reference the paragraph in the guidelines that the item on the SOR relates to. READ THAT SECTION OF THE GUIDELINES CAREFULLY! In addition to explain why this particular item is of concern, it will list mitigating factors that could allow you get that item overturned at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. It is up to you to prove the mitigating factors. It is not up to the government to proved that the mitigating does not apply in your case.

The government lawyers do not, it seems, believe that ANY mitigating factor actually mitigates the concern. You have to make your case.



thank you. I am waiting on SOR and let you know what is their concern,
maybe you can tell me what chances I have to get it revised…


It just depends what this is all about. If you have financial stuff, and you can show proof of payments and effort to take care of the debt, you should be able to have a favorable outcome based on the written record. I had a ton of debt I had to explain, but I was able to show I was taking care of everything, I requested a decision based on the written record and I got the final clearance about a month later. Good luck.


Thank you. I am still waiting the letter with details.


Any updates? You process similar to mine


Hi all. Been in processing with a 3 letter agency in the northern VA area for almost 2 years (for full time Fed position, not Contracting position). Met onsite for a final review of SF-86 (all other steps of process completed), which I believe was the step before adjudication. Employee I met with told me it would be matter of days before she submitted her decision. That was over 8 weeks ago. In the stress and excitement of being onsite, I did not ask specific questions but was expecting to have heard something by now. I am still getting those once a month “You’re still actively being processed we have no other updates” messages from HR. I can’t get any confirmation that I am even in adjudication. I am curious if anyone else has had a similar experience/can shed some light on when I could expect an answer.


They gave you an offer almost two years ago? I believe the review of SF86 is part of the background investigation, not necessarily the end of it, just part of it. Mine was about halfway through the investigation.


Further evidence that when it comes to security clearances, time can be a subjective value.