IC Poly and Adjudication Process


Yes. COE in early 2016… I have an active TS from DoD so they haven’t done physical background investigation. I was assuming that they wouldn’t do background investigation because of that.


It is crazy. I am just wondering if this is in line with what others are experiencing.


One of my friends waited almost exactly two years from COE and Poly to EOD with an IC agency. He was already cleared TS/SCI when he applied and had been cleared at that level for many, many years. I’m afraid there is no real yardstick to measure against. They just take as long as they take.


Did you ever get that SOR you were waiting on?


IC Agency
COE - 3/2017
Refs Contacted and BI Interview - 5/2017
Polys - 10/2017

What now?


Now comes the big wait.


For reference…
IC Agency
COE: 12/2015
Poly: 07/16
BI Closed and into Adjudication since: 08/16
Radio Silence since.


I’ve had them go 27 months. If your FSO is a good one he or she can request to speak to the case manager and see if there is a particular holdup. If there is a special consideration requiring deeper thinking they can be set off to the side…and then never relooked and it takes much longer.


27 months in adjudication or since the Conditional offer? Hopefully you mean the latter. I don’t know my FSO, just have one contact who only says “You’re still processing” when I call once a month. My case is somewhat complex so have a feeling it’s just sitting somewhere like you said.


Adjudication actually. I had a few take as long as yours or longer, similar situation. As staff rotates even the best intentions get derailed. If they know a package takes extra time it is set aside for a rainy Monday…that may never come. The longer it is set aside, the easier it is to take no action. That is sadly human nature. At times the line of communication gets crossed. The clearance team thought a sitting package had a note saying “member TDY, will call.” In reality the note said awaiting TDY poly team to conduct follow up poly, call when available.Once we worked through the note, as soon as a Poly team came to our location, he had the highest priority. A follow up interview was conducted afterwards as was a follow up call from Adjudication branch. He finally cleared. Multiple poly’s and follow up interviews though scary should not be interpreted as bad news. They just need clarify a few points. In my current 7 plus years in this position 9.9 out of 10 times it ends favorably.


That may have happened in my case. At one point they actually contacted the FSO and asked if I still worked here and if I still needed the clearance. Fortunately the answer was yes. And this was for a periodic update, I was still cleared this whole time.

Once it finally got to somebody’s desk I cleared up their concerns and it was resolved quickly… they just needed some additional documentation. But it took nearly three years to get to that desk!


I too am guilty of setting aside completed SF86’s with hundreds of required corrections. The ones coming in with zero phone numbers, no date of birth, missing supervisors, dates not lined up. Too much effort required to work through when I have 20 others with a few nit noid items to call on. Over time there is less and less drawing me to work on the one with problems. I don’t rotate so it will sit here unless I make a command decision and do not pursue it. We are growing to about 390 positions on this contract, mainly support positions, but all require clearances. So I put the attention on the critical path and knock out those with the most potential to complete and clear. I respect the process merely needs to play out but if it goes beyond 8 to 12 months for a Secret clearance I am happy to engage and talk to the case manager once I find out who it is. At times, just calling is the equivalent of the “slap on the side of the TV set from the 70’s. Somehow it just seems to make it work. Suddenly “they” find and resolve the issue.

I’m glad it worked out for you. I enjoy your participation here.


Ended up processing with IC agency 2 way quicker than IC agency 1 for a TS/SCI. Agency 1 is on month 17. Really weird how 1 agency is like exponentially quicker than another for the exact same clearance level. My case wasn’t too hard although I had a ton for foreign travel and some foreign contacts. That’s about it.

May 2017 - CJO
July 2017 - Poly
August 2017 - BI Start
September 2017- BI Close
December 2017 - Cleared.


What IC agencies? Our timeline is similar but I’m still waiting on clearance. Feel free to PM if you rather not post publicly. Thank you


Also, having lived at a variety of addresses in varied locations, or lived and worked in different parts of the country can increase the time required for the BI.


I would get a Senator to do an inquiry on your behalf. It may help!


Are Congressional offices really of much help in IC employment matters?


Depends on your senator/ rep. If they belong to the Intel committee.


Maybe for DoD connected agencies, but certainly not CIA.


Any updates from anyone? Going on 18 months in adjudication…