IC Poly and Adjudication Process


None from me. I’m almost 18 months from COE, probably 5ish months into adjudication.


How long has it been all together?


No updates in my official status. Also been in adjudication for 18 months. The three-year anniversary of when I first applied to the job is coming up in a few weeks.

I am pretty well on my way to giving up at this point personally. Which sucks because I was definitely extremely passionate about this “dream job” way back when. But three years of waiting and misleading information is hard to swallow both emotionally and practically. Especially when your career and life keeps on chugging in another direction in the meantime.


Don’t get discouraged, I finally heard from someone at 18 months in adjudication. I received an SOR and got the clearance a month later. There is still hope!


Yeah they really test your patience an incredible amount.

I really dont get what they possibly could be doing for such a long time. There’s only so many databases your name can be checked against and it’s not like the CIA is sneaking into PLA offices in China and seeing if your name pops up on the payroll there.


Received my CJO about 26 month ago.


The leading theory is that this specific agency just keeps a bunch of potentially clearable applicants waiting (at a great cost to have the BI done on all these individuals, it seems) and then as someone retires/quits/etc someone in line is adjudicated.

… All this, of course, is a theory.


Makes sense. I get why they do it. They should just be much more transparent about the fact that it might take 3-4 years to actually start instead of the 9-12 months they tell you on the phone when you get an offer.


Does anyone know this?

Let’s say your case was finally adjudicated in your favor for a government IC position. Would you have to take that exact job at the time of the final adjudication to get your clearance? I believe earlier I was told you’d have to pick an EOD date within about 3 months of getting cleared. I am just wondering if you could defer that or use it to apply to a different job.


I’ve read you don’t actually have a clearance till you’re sworn in. I’m sure you could use the “eligibility granted for the TS/SCI” to apply for other jobs but I’m not sure it would be accurate to say you have a clearance. I’m not 100% though.


It’s “read in” not “sworn in” . . . Your clearance can be “active” or “current”. Once you adjudicated, it would be proper to say that you have a “current clearance”. Your clearance can only be “active” if you are employed in a position that requires you to have a clearance. If are not working in a cleared position, your status will remain current for a period of two years. After that, you current clearance will be closed out and you will need to start over to be employed in a new position.

At least . . . That is how I understand it . . .


This a first - maybe you could tell me since we’re in a similar spot. The center actually called ME to let me know I’m still processing. Usually it’s me calling to check in. Weird.


I think it’s all about who is your POC. I’ve never got a call to tell me i’m still processing, it’s always me calling them, however, I’ve seen others who say they get a call once a month. At least someone is still looking out for you though.


As we grow I now have a deputy Security Manager and I am launching a lot of support programs to better track our clearances. To give you an idea how many clearances and how long it takes with my client, in the 7 weeks I have a fabulous new deputy Security Manager, we have submitted about 85 clearance packages. I was notified last week of a couple administrative errors I made on a clearance package cover sheet in August. That means the clearance investigation was just handed to an investigator 6 months later. At the time I was a one man show, conducting 30 to 45 Security Interviews monthly, and grabbing 15 or so packages at a time to submit to clearance. So the timelines are morale sapping for sure. With the new deputy we are now doing deep research on all submissions ( had zero time to do any of this even working 10 plus hours daily, and on Sundays for a few hours) we are finding submissions from 2014. Still listed as in adjudication and recently re-verified. In my experience, at times, this is the equivalent of “slapping the side of the TV in the 70’s.” Somehow it just seems to jar something loose and it works better. Hoping to get these approved shortly. One clearance was actually granted on 08 December after the employee had a final follow up interview after multiple Polys. Clearance sent a note to the submitting signed Security manager (predating me in my position). This person no longer works here, likely the email bounced. But this employee was allowed to dangle in the wind for 2 more months not knowing they were cleared. As soon as we found out and verified to prevent any chance he wasn’t fully cleared through the full scope Poly position…we made sure he was informed and he badges and briefs tomorrow. So a good Security manager will poke the clearance office regularly to make sure they are on top of everyone’s clearances. Even with great effort at times they slip through the cracks.


That all sounds great and makes me optimistic going forward. However, does this information apply to those of us in this thread seemingly waiting for the same non-DOD IC agency? I know they operate a little differently than everyone else.


Some of us still try this approach. It don’t work too good but it makes me feel better.


If we could only do that with a clearance applicant or cleared person now and again…we woul dhave lower blood pressure for sure!


So there were clearances from 2014 that weren’t ever adjudicated?

Holy hell that’s depressing.


I think we’re SoL when it comes to predicting or extrapolating what’s going on with our process. Either by their design or incompetence, we won’t know until we get a start date or rejection letter. This is truly a mind numbing experience. I love the advice of “just forget about it and go about your life”, like that’s even possible. I wish they would have given me an offer after my clearance was granted and they had an available start date, not before.


Yeah it really sucks about the lack of transparency. You can’t make any long term plans while in limbo. No vacations to fun places like China, can’t move or sign a long term lease because it’s expensive to break leases, your current employer knows you are eventually leaving so you dont get promoted or any big raises. It’d be nice if they were honest about the process and didn’t lie saying you’d be working there in 6-9 months after getting a CJO. It took 6 months to even get to the poly and 9 to the BI starting.