IC Poly and Adjudication Process


We keep hearing about various reforms that will eliminate the backlog, make the system efficient, and tighten the screening. Wash, rinse, repeat. I would be happy if they just used 1970’s roller coaster technology. You know the one where they had a painting of the roller coaster on the wall by the cue line, and a light bulb on each hill. As the cart hit the electric contact the light bulb lit up corresponding to where the carts were. If we knew a package was entering adjudication, half way through, complete…or still doing crim, civil, driving, credit checks, out for verification of references, etc. Adjudication seems to be the mystery zone, “where clearance requests go to die,” as the saying goes.


I am trying to get upgraded to TS SCI W/FS Poly (IC).

The investigator has interviewed everyone to include myself. He submitted paperwork 26 Jan, upon submittal he was requesting a rush since I was heading OCONUS shortly. They had a followup question a few days later and provided the information. Investigator called me prior to departing and told me that the investigation was accepted and was out of his hand. I must say this part moved pretty quickly. I just hope the fast track continues. What is the next process? Will I take a poly next? Btw…I had an outstanding school bill i was not aware of that I was told i needed to pay, which i did.


Normal timeline I see for clearing at that level: 4 months after submitting SF86, meet with investigator, follow up 30 days later if anything else is necessary. From there, another 4 to 5 month wait as various checks are ran, crim, civil court, credit, etc, from there a poly date is established. I highly recommend NOT researching anything on Poly. No matter how hard you try, you will start doing things bound to cause issues. Best to go in like a blank slate and follow their parameters for answering questions. If you do not understand a question, get that out of the way first. Never ramble, don’t equivocate. If you need speak to something not on your SF86, do it before the test begins. Better yet contact the FSO or investigator now to get it scoped. Be prepared to spend a frustrating afternoon and leaving like a worn out dishrag. Have no worries about any one bill. If your credit score is high and track record clean on paying bills it isn’t a big issue. Even people with an 840 score can get a bill sent to collections by error. Now if you have dicey credit…one bill can push you over. So pay on time wherever possible.


This has been the disappointing reality I wasn’t expecting.


I am a govt GS employee and I was cleared TS/SCI within the last 6 months. Today I was offered a CI poly. It’s not required but might make certain aspects of the job easier. Anyway, my question is whether my whole clearance would need to go back through adjudication for months and months or whether they would just add on the poly to the existing clearance given the recency of my completed T5. I don’t think there is anything in the proposed poly that would require someone to re-scrub my whole clearance but I have no idea how the whole thing would work from a process standpoint. Thanks.


Any movement for anyone in here?


If the T5 is in scope, you simply complete the Poly, the many possible levels of Poly review, and either repeat the Poly, followed by an interview or three post Poly…or they simply upgrade the clearance. The TS BI is identical for Poly and non Poly positions, it just adds a Poly. Normally a Poly (full Scope) is required by the IC to arm/disarm vault alarms, have access to vault combinations, or log on to their information systems. However, just having the TS means you can work unescorted in the same vaults.


I’m at 19 months since COE. My current work is great, and I just got a new apartment, so I kind of hope they take a while longer now. The idea of moving across the country after just getting resettled does not sound appealing.


Nope. 27 months since CJO, 19 in adjudication now.


Yeah that’s one of the few things not driving me totally nuts over the process. I’ve got a decent job now thankfully. I couldn’t imagine going through the process without one - I guess if someone was in that scenario they’d have to find work to tide them over.

Only complaint I have is that HR and my current boss know I’m going through the clearance process for a new role - one could see how that could hamper advancement in a current role if they know you’re planning on leaving. Eek. I’m lucky I wasn’t walked out the same day.


I have the same problem. They’ve known about it since the beginning and have been pressuring me to stay on with them instead or leave now. I’ve been able to lie low and avoid talking about it for the most part, but I know it can’t last forever. I’m essentially losing money (passed over for raises and promotions), losing travel opportunities, and have been put to the wayside on new projects (that I should be leading).

I truly just want to know what has been going on behind the scenes at the agency when they have probably hundreds of people just waiting for their actions. Rejection or start date, I almost feel like both would be equally pleasing at this point.


In particular, don’t visit the Antipolygraph.com site. It is monitored by the IC and other government polygraphers.


They (CIA) will check the files in their Beijing station however, for any references to you.


Amazing! It really makes me wonder why people even bother to apply for jobs with such an indefinite processing period!


I’m new to the clearance process as well so this whole world is new to me. Who is my POC?


Point of Contact. The person that started the clearance process for you usually a security person at the customer you are going to be working for


We’re similar in timeline, and I think for the same agency. I’m only ~15ish months since CoE. I’m guessing my BI closed in 09/17 but as BIs on here have mentioned you can’t know for sure.

Here’s to hoping to a FJO/EoD call soon!


Thanks. It was time for my monthly check with my recruiter anyway, so I just emailed her to get a status update


I truly can’t believe it but I finally have some good news.
I received my clearance recently after what was a long, long, long wait.
Unfortunately my start date is pretty far away but at least I know I’ve cleared.
For those still waiting, don’t lose hope. I waited almost three years since I first applied, 27 months since my CJO and 19 months in adjudication.


Did they call email or send a package?