IC Poly and Adjudication Process


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I still hope I will get approved for my clearance. Before I put in for my TS/SCI I studied at one of the top schools in China. Oh, I miss China!


Uhmmm well good luck.


Well, I am hoping since I was in the military and I had a TS/SCI this will help me out. I still hate the military for dropping my clearance from a TS to a secret before I left.


Congrats!!! You had one of the longest ones on here. Can’t imagine the feeling of finally knowing.


I was also in China for a semester and was told it’s not an issue as long as you’re upfront about it all and have documentation for it. Thankfully, because the program was through my main institution, I didn’t have to go out of my way to get paperwork or do anything extra but list the foreign nationals that added me on facebook.


Wow. Congratulations! Truly. I guess maybe there’s still a bit of hope for those who are are near or at the 3-year clearance mark. Still not holding my breath


thanks for posting this, i really appreciate it, was wondering if i can ask you questions in case i would have some? thanks a lot


I’m currently cleared as a contractor with a DoD TS/SCI.
Applied nearly 2 years ago for a IC contracted position (was still cleared then too).

My timeline:
-Received an offer for a contractor position March 2016.
-Interviewed at the client site in April 2016.
-FS Poly June 2016.
-Saw a credit pull in Nov 2016.
-Flew back out for a personal security interview May 2017.
-Radio silence again for nearly a year…
Was informed that the client wants to do another personal security interview here soon. The company said this is normally a sign that the process is coming to a close.

Anyone else experience this? 2 security interviews a year apart?


Sounds to me they want to know if they should continue to wait for you…are you as clean as you first told them you were…have there been instances since the Poly where you made bad choices…or is this just taking its time as most currently are. 18 months in the system is not unusual in the slightest and I have seen 27 months in adjudication for the IC world. I am waiting on several who are now 9 months post poly, had a follow up interview in December…that was three months ago…still waiting. As I see it…it is actually a good sign. If there was clear cause to deny it happens fast. If there are strong arguments to mitigate whatever the issue is, or even reasonable arguments…they take a while. Tells me due diligence is being exercised.


IC non-contractor TS/SCI Timeline:

September 2016: Job application submitted
November 2016: Interviewed
December 2016: COE Accepted
January 2017: SF-86 Submitted
February 2017: Medical & Psychological Examination
March 2017: Credit Check
April 2017: Interview with BI. References Contacted
December 2017: Polygraph

Approaching day 450/month 15

Monthly checks with the HR and FSO have yielded little results. The only response i get is “your process is ongoing”


Good to hear I’m not the only one hearing this. We are dealing with the same people, and our timelines are identical except mine started four months prior to yours.


May 2017: SF-86 Submitted

August 2017: Credit Pulled

Sept 2017: Medical & Psychological Examination/Poly

Late Sept 2017: Interview with BI. References Contacted

November 2017: Follow up interview with BI

Jan 2018 : In Adjudication


Our timelines are probably identical and probably for the same agency. Although I never had a medical/psychological exam.


Thank you for your insight and taking the time to respond. I know the process is incredibly slow across the entire enterprise but as they say: no news is good news. We shall see.


I think it’s a requirement for everyone who works for the people I’m dealing with. I know a poly certainly is. You haven’t done it yet, or you won’t have to at all? That seems strange if you don’t have to at all.


You’re correct. He’s going through with a different agency I presume, both in the IC.


Different IC agencies have different requirements. One requires something like 3 or 4 polygraphs. One is medical and psychological, and another has a different kind of test one has to pass, which I did already do.


For those of us not in the know, which agency has which requirements?


Each one controls their own SCI. You could get a criminal Poly, directed Poly, CI poly, Lifestyle, or all in one “full scope.” And those can be brutal 4 to 5 hours long, subject to many levels of review. And multiple call backs and follow up interviews.