IC Poly and Adjudication Process


I got my CJO in April of 2015 for a full time IC position. I call my PoC monthly and they tell me the same thing, that I am “in the process” and they don’t need anything else at the time.

I went through two poly’s/psych stuff in the summer of 2015, had my in-person meeting with the BI in March of 2016. I think the investigation went through the end of 2016 if I had to guess, since I was getting calls from close contacts that met with the investigator. I just hope that the next day could be the day. No news is good news in a way. I just keep hoping for the best. All the best to those still waiting it out.


That’s an insane wait. Is your hiring employer a contractor or agency?


Direct agency. Patience is a virtue :slight_smile: lol but if all comes to fruition, it’ll be worth it.


oh boy. im guessing you’re with a three letter.


Did you contact your senator/congressman?


I have not. I know two people personally that are in the job that I’m going for, but they suggested I let things run their course. I’m stuck in the middle of what to do lol


Don’t think that would help his situation. Contacting a senator only maybe helps if you’re in the investigation phase, not adjudication. Best thing to do is like you said, let it run its course.


I just did a complete clearance review of all employees in process. I have a long list in the system for 2 years. We do follow up and as a contractor I will not get the level of clarity the client gets. So we are elevating the list to the client security rep. They get much more effort since they are part and parcel of the same client. I don’t even know if these folks will want a job after this long wait.


I did find out after some research that my senator is on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. I might be rethinking this one and might try to contact them, considering they are a part of that committee. @amberbunny anon471 do you think that would change anything?


I know that you didn’t ask me . . . There are several reasons to contact your two senators and your congressman. It’s not likely to speed the process, although there are some here who will tell you does, think about that. Is a congressman likely to risk the news of an intelligence brief that may have happened because he pushed the approval of a constituent? If this actually worked, wouldn’t we ALL have gotten our congressman to push for our expedited approval? If we all did that, wouldn’t we be right back where we are with the current backlog?

It is also possible that you might get “shaken” from a spot where your application is stuck in the process. It’s not bad to have someone dig out your file and say, “Oh . . . We should have sent that letter weeks ago!”

But, the best reason to let your representatives know that you are having a problem is so that they might fix it. Congress really doesn’t want to hear that the people who vote them into office every few years are having major problems with something they have some control over.

Yes . . . Write to your congressmen. That’s what they are there for.


On the flip side of things, I did look into reaching out to my senator, who is also on the SSCI. I talked to someone there and she told me for my specific agency; and I gather it’s the same one you’re going for, nothing really could be done and was advised to actually not make an inquiry. This is also because you are most likely in the phase of processing/adjudication where nothing can be done but wait and let things run its course, as your two buddies told you also.

I was in your same position too, thought it would never come and I believe you and me had the longest timelines on this site. However, if you made it this far, something’s gotta give. It’s definitely a test of patience but will be worth it when it comes. Also takes a while if you have a lot of foreign travel/spouse/any contacts I presume from what I was told by my POC. If you’ve only been in adjudication for a few months, you most likely have a little while longer because I’ve never seen anyone get cleared without waiting at least 12 months in adjudication. I think what made your process so long is the foreign spouse.


Do you mean when you the “secrecy oath”?


Hi all! I know my case is a little different, but I thought I would ask anyway. My testing/BI has been complete since the late summer for an internship position with an IA. My PoC last called about a month ago to say I was still processing, but I haven’t heard anything since (I have a hard to contact PoC). If the EoD would be in mid-June, how much longer should I realistically wait before giving up on the position?


My House Representative did belong to an Intelligence Committee. Even so, he couldn’t do anything, except to suggest that I re-apply in the future.


About 16 months ago my BI was completed too lol. Interns and hires are probably way two different processes. It takes as long as it takes, just have to go with the flow.


Unfortunately, I would recommend looking for another job that does not require a polygraph. The IC wants clean polygraphs (which is a process that has been discredited by the scientific community, but the IC refuses to admit that). Inconclusive doesn’t mean that you’re untrustworthy, but they will not want to take the chance. If you have the completed background for a TS, there are plenty of jobs that will take you seriously and won’t require a polygraph.


This, of course, rules out the IC, FBI, CBP, and many DOD positions.


You wonder if anyone actually obtains a clearance for the IC. No information for years at a time, just stuck in the processing phase and no further info needed at this time. I’ve never seen anyone say they have been successful with the process, but I guess that also has to do with once you obtain said clearance you probably aren’t on this site everyday scowering every post to give yourself a bit of hope that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. (Rant over) thanks for reading, I hope everyone is having as much fun as me waiting


I hope there’s real integrity to the process and the due diligence involved is sincerely related to protecting national security interests.


What do you mean by that statement?