If I once had an adjudicated TS/SCI/poly which never had a sponsor associated in the database, would it disappear with no record? Is my original SSBI still valid? Thanks

In the fall of 2016, Company A offered to sponsor me for a TS/SCI polygraph clearance in pursuit of a software developer/engineer position. After accepting and doing the in-person interview, I was given a contingent offer of employment and submitted the SF-86 in November. I completed both polygraphs in August 2017. Then, I heard nothing back, so I presumed Company A did not win the contract. Unbeknownst to me, Company A was acquired by Company B in January of 2019. In November 2021, Company B contacted me to say that I had been granted TS/SCI; they indicated the clearance had been adjudicated sometime prior, but with the merger, that word did not reach them. They asked me to come be read-in ASAP, before the clearance expired. In June 2022, I was notified that I had been upgraded to TS/SCI with a Full Scope Polygraph. I applied but was unable to find a position at Company B. Recently I was offered TS a position at Company C, but the offer was rescinded after the company could not verify my TS clearance in DISS. I asked Company C whether they had access to Scattered Castles, and they replied, “No.”

Some agencies do not routinely update this kind of data in any database. I’m not a ‘Castles’ expert but I don’t think you’d show up in there until you were actually briefed and in “access.”

Have you kept in touch with Company B? Sounds like they might be your best shot.

Thank you for replying.

Yes, I have kept in touch with Company B, but so far, I have heard nothing back from them yet.