Incident Report - False Accusation



I am currently in a university, a STEM major wanting to work for, you guessed it, NASA. Late last year, my roommate called the police on me (false accusation). The police arrived and a little while later asked my roommate why they are there. It was a senseless call. However, the police took my name and DOB from my ID. There must be an incident report at the university police department--nothing substantial really, but it exists. It was a very senseless call, the entire circumstance and unprofessional, what happened. I am very embarrassed by it, fear it might damage my career, which, I very much enjoy.

I cannot really move forward so far; this incident has somehow marked me and will stay with me. It does stress me out and although I do very much enjoy my career, I feel, I fear, it is over.

My question is, will this (incident report) in any way affect my job opportunities at NASA, for NASA? Should I mention this incident on my application? Or will the background check--security clearance--show it and the employer would thus know about it without me having to mention it on the application? I am very embarrassed by this and is eating me away. My other question is, does the security clearance go this deep so as to ask for this information from the university police department? (Again, I am very embarrassed by it, that it even happened.) And again, if so, should I indicate this incident on my application and thus be forward about it?

Your advice is very much appreciated.
Thank you.



Be honest. You just might find out that your situation isn't as bad as you fear. Stop worrying!


Most positions with NASA do not require a clearance and the only instance in which it would be required for you to disclose it on an SF-85 is if you were convicted or put on probation.


Thank you for your replies, they have helped. Many thanks, Jim.