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Incident Report Date: November 25, 2018

Situation: loose nugget of marijuana found under my passenger seat when driving thru a military base while I was active duty. Passed drug test, was not my weed, wasn’t arrested, found innocent in an administrative separation board Apr 23, 2019.

Private contractor sent up my TS/SCI (which was still active, only SCI access was suspended, but still SCI eligible) for adjudication May 31, 2019. Early July I had to redo my SF86, was that for an RSI? Then, late July I was told DoD CAF “had all my info”, when can I expect my clearance to get adjudicated?

Also, does anyone know of any contractor’s in the DC area that accept “flagged” clearances. My case is all cleared up, wasn’t charged with anything, found innocent, etc. I can email my resume if you’d like. Thanks in advance!

Pretty sure adjudications is backlogged, you could be a while.


A little discrepancy . . . If you were “found innocent” you WERE charged. Being found “not guilty” is better than having the case dismissed but in any case, investigations and adjudications will look at the circumstances around the incident, not so much at the disposition.

Expect to talk to this and be ready with as much information as you can get. Reference letters from you command and things like that will also go a long way.

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I should’ve worded it better. I was “found innocent” in an administrative separation board. It wasn’t a court, and it was more of a “is he staying in the Marine Corps or not? And if he is getting kicked out, what discharge?” I got an honorable, was never charged with anything under the UCMJ, or civilian. No NJP or “Captains Mast”. Anyway, do you know the timeline for adjudication? I feel like things are moving pretty fast from the time I had to redo my SF86 in the beginning of July this year.