Incorrect Answer

I recently submitted my E-QIP and I was reviewing my answers via the saved PDF and noticed I answered a question wrong by mistake. The question is:

“Has the U.S. Government (or a foreign government) EVER investigated your background and/or granted you a security clearance eligibility/access?”

I mistakenly answered “No”. I am Active Duty military and I currently hold a Secret Clearance. Will the fact that I answered “No” have any negative impact on my clearance being renewed or will it be viewed as an obvious mistake due to the fact my employment for the last 10+ years has been military?

Nothing is ever dismissed as an obvious mistake. Not saying you will be immediately disqualified but the investigator has to resolve any discrepancies.

If you are still active duty, maybe contact your security manager about this. Maybe send them an email and keep a copy. That way you can show that you found the mistake and tried to report it before an investigator has to ask you about it.

But I’m not sure if it can be corrected at this point.

You’re fine - harmless discrepancy

Don’t fret too much about this information since you are in the DoD and OPM has access to all those investigations. If you have a Subject interview, volunteer the correction when you get to that investigation.

You’ve received sound advice here. If you can, document in some way that you have noticed the error. An email to the FSO at the company or agency where you are being investigated will do the trick. Then, at your interview, bring it up before you are asked about it. I imagine the investigator will see that it is probably a mistake and will not put a lot of time into it before your interview. But, you raising the issue will be a big plus in your favor.