Informal Personal Appearance with CIA

Anyone have any experience to share regarding an Informal Personal Appearance Hearing with the CIA?
If you click my profile you’ll see my posts from 2019 about this. We’re being offered a hearing. No documentation. Our lawyer received a phone call from a woman. She will set up dates thru lawyer if we retain him. If we do not retain him supposedly the Agency will reach out to us.

Our 245 page response sent in 2 1/2 years ago was not sufficient. (SOR stated clearance denial was for recent and frequent drug use. Subject went above and beyond in SF86 and all the paperwork and poly situations openly admitted and felt terribly guilty about infrequent drug use 14+ years prior, 2-3 times as a dumb high school kid and twice the summer his dad died when he was 21). Subject was 35 in 2019 and is 37 now. Made a career shift and is blue collar. But I know he needs closure. I’m an FSO by profession and Subject is my husband. I never in a million years thought I would see a government agency get away with lies like this.

Is going thru this worth it? Hire lawyer? Represent ourselves? Not tell him they got back to me?

Lawyer: “Chances after the hearing “go up” tremendously.” As in, lawyer is implying they would grant his clearance in full to DCSA and all other agencies therefore avoiding any reciprocity issues. BUT if the SF86 was submitted in 2018 THAT doesn’t sound right. He never dropped the appeal and never applied for another clearance. I know he needs closure and doesn’t need or even want a security clearance. But I kind of doubt he’d “get” a clearance in 2021 from a 2018 SF86.

Lawyer: “This is a hearing to have the agency approve what they previously disapproved. Once one domino falls, the others follow.” What??