After receiving my interim background investigation approval to go the Fed academy (approximately 2months after my final offer) i left cause i had a way better offer With a private sector that i was in process also.
My BI didnt stop and was completed 3 months later.
I received a copy of my BI already.
the job im in didn’t required clearance but the fact that im getting promoted to deal with sensitive infos. They doing a full background investigatiom.
One question asked if i worked for the fed before?is my BI was completed and suitable?
When im reading my BI copy i didn’t see any part they said Suitable or Not?
I tried to call the Agency to guide me ,hard to find someone in line to help.
Is there’s another way or to submit a specific form so i could know what was the status?
I am positive it should be "suitable " but just dont want give my actual job a response that im not sure,especially they asked me for "Date of complete BI"and “Status”

Pleaser share your input with me. Thank you

Does the work you’re planning to do with the private company involve contracting with the feds? If so then the private company should have a Security Officer to contact and that person can inquire about the status of your clearance-whether active, adjudicated, or non-existent. If the sensitive info requiring a background check with your private company does not involve fed contractor employment then the investigations completed by feds isn’t applicable to your current employment.

Ahhhh i see,Thank…
yes i think they have work related to the fed…
The fact that i have to submit a form for my private company and that form asked if i ever worked for the fed and if yes to provide Date of BI /start and close date /Suitability?,and i tought there was a specific way for a fed employee or former to request copy of their suitability status,the same way i request for a copy of my BI.