What happens after the BI reports are submitted?

I spoke several times to investigators, the last time being 2 1/2 weeks ago. Both have submitted their reports. The adjudicator said he doesn’t have my BI. He said “I just heard back from my contact who reached out to Security and they said they are still working on your case.”

I have no issues in my background that would pose problems. Debt free. No drugs or alcohol. I have relatives in Germany but have had no contact with any of them since 2016. No criminal record. I was let go for misconduct ten years ago but completed counseling and have not repeated the mistake.

I was let go from a contract in 2018 because of agency malfeasance (arbitrary reasons for denial / determination that failed to follow any federal regs, like 5CFR 302.203) that denied me a Public Trust (the agency is investigating the denial.) I also was let go from a state job in 2013 because my supervisor made my job impossible (making up “mistakes” on my reports where none existed, or occasionally marking the one typo on a report as indicative of my “incompetence”). I worked for a call center as a temp in 2016 and they let me go after I missed a performance metric by 5%.

Basically there is nothing in my history that is covered by any of the Guidelines, 5CFR 731 or 302. So why would Security still have it?

All investigations go through adjudication. That’s likely where you’re at. Or the investigations “section” is reviewing your investigation.

You seem to have a history of being let go. Perhaps there is some pause there with the company?


You were let go from multiple jobs, failed a polygraph, and were denied a Public Trust. I worked for an agency that required a Public Trust and folks got away with a lot, to include stalking, DUIs, and negligently shooting a hole in an agency vehicle.

See below.

I always thought there wouldn’t be any problem with my background, but that caused me to wonder why hasn’t it been forwarded to Adj yet? What is the reason security still has it?

“investigations “section” is reviewing your investigation.”

Why would this be done?

This entire process requires reviews of some kind at each level to ensure compliance and quality. Decisions in this process are not made in haste.

How does one get in touch with an adjudicator?

He got in touch with me first at the beginning.