Interim Clearance Odds

I am about to begin the process of a secret clearance, offer is contingent on receiving interim. I have not used drugs in the past seven years, no tickets, no run ins with the law etc. I defaulted on a student loan for 6k due to finanical immaturity about four years ago and immediately got it out of default and rehabbed it and haven’t missed or been late on a single payment for anything (car,rent,phone, insurance, student loan) since then. Credit score is above a 700 and the default doesn’t appear on any of my credit reports. What are the odds that I can receive an interim?

Nobody can tell you your odds . . . As I understand it (and no one has ever refuted this when I have said it here), your company needs to provide a justification when they request an interim. So, even if you are perfect, there’s no guarantee that their justification will be sufficient. It used to be that interim clearance was pretty common but things have changed over the last ten years. I often wonder if companies haven’t caught up to that fact.