Interim Clearance

I currently have charge offs on my credit report I still have not come to an agreement with my creditors some of the charge offs will be removed in oct and nov of this year. Will this prohibit me from getting an interim secret clearance. The charge offs are from 2008-2009 and I am current on my other credit card for the past 5 years.

It may prevent being granted in interim, depends on the circumstances, amounts, and why you have not resolved them up to now. It is up to the agency and their policies on granting interims since you have no appeal rights until the investigation is complete and you are denied eligibility.

Thanks I guess my chances are slim. Wat should I do to give myself a chance

Simple: take actions to resolve your debts and obtain documentation to support it. This does not mean you have to pay them all off, but show that a payment plan is in place and that you are making payments in good faith.

Where you able to recieve the clearence?