Interim Clearance


From your comment two weeks ago:

"I have downloaded hundreds of movies/songs from internet ( the equip asked if I downloaded any proprietary songs/videos/movies and I replied NO. The reason for that was I thought all the movies/songs I downloaded was not from party to whom they belonged rather from other 3rd party websites and they dont classify as proprietary.) .

Will this be a big issue for obtaining secret clearance? Every single other things are fine."

Since then, you seem to continue to try to justify your actions as acceptable. So, I don’t buy your latest comment in the least.


In the last seven (7) years have you introduced, removed, or used hardware, software, or media in connection with any information technology system without authorization, when specifically prohibited by rules, procedures, guidelines, or regulations or attempted any of the above?

This one of the questions I found. Is this what you are saying downloading proprietary media to personal computers? What happens if this was outside of 7 years?


Hi Happy247, the question is pretty clear . The person will be in law enforcement radar If he/she had ever done something which is prohibited by rules, procedure, guideline or regulations.

My opinion is if u have not been contacted by law enforcement regarding this matter, you are pretty safe. Imagine you downloading a software from Microsoft, the next hour you could be in radar of law enforcement.

Other factors like managing debt, showing loyalty to USA, monetary transaction, attempt to fraud the system, drug addiction, sexual crime are more determining factor on the whole background process. So just chill, be happy and always act, think and perform for goodness of the USA.


The problem here is that we are talking about two different issues . . . Yes, the question that you quoted likely does not include downloading movies and music to your personal computer at home.

After the OP noted that he had been doing this, I pointed out that it will be an issue if that comes up in the BI process.

Two different conversations in the thread.