Interim Secret other agency T5

HI I have an Interim SEcret for one agency (that contracts finished) and now they want me to get a TS interim for another agency and my jobs getting impatient to say the least . How long or has anyone got a TS Interim recently and how long did it take I know its confusing as I have Interim SEcret and not they want Interim T5 ? They are saying if doncaf states my Interim is coming soon I can stay else bye bye .



I can only offer that in my experience, the interim TS is a rare bird, especially for contractors.

And you write T5 (as in tee-five) in some places and TS ( as in top secret)

Better get the resume up to date if you are counting on a quick interim TS (as in Top Secret)

I am already as we know these clearances can take forever or fast as can be . Its TS Interim .