Interim Secret to SSBI

Hello Everyone,

I currently hold an Interim secret and I am being asked to submit for a Tier 5 SSBI investigation.

I was granted Interim in October 2017 so I’m a bit hesitant to fill out the paperwork if that will restart the investigation. I heard that the average wait is ~2yrs for SSBI.

Anyone have any insight going from Interim secret to SSBI?

You don’t necessarily need a Secret to go to T5.

You already have the interim - and you are working. If you have an active Tier 3 investigation and you are upgraded to Tier 5, the work already completed, and applicable, for the Tier 3 is rolled into the new case. What are your other concerns?

What happens if I switch contracts that only needs a secret clearance? Would the Tier 5 be dropped and Tier 3 be picked back up?

I don’t know.
I imagine if you stopped the processing for the T3 job because you switched to the T5 job, then dropped the T5 job for a T3 position - someone would have to decide which type to continue.