Internet friendship with foreign national

I am in the final phases of getting a job with a Defense contractor and will be required to get a security clearance. My only concern is that I have an ongoing internet friendship, with some level of affection too, with a foreign national from Romania. We met on an Adult website chatroom where she is model. She continues to work there, but is looking to quit soon. Our relationship has been ongoing for over 5 years with contact through the chatroom on a regular basis (several times per week) and also through texting and the occasional Skype call. Will this be problematic for the security clearance? How deep will the investigators go with contacting her and will they take it any farther where her parents may find out about her work? She is an independent contractor doing this work so listing the website as her employer would not be correct in filling our Section 19. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

This is a classic case study in what not to engage in if you want security clearance eligibility. I suggest you reconsider either the relationship or your desire to get a clearance as the two are not compatible.

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That is what I was afraid of after reading more about SF86. I was very excited about the possible position and did not think about the Security Clearance until now. Specifically what is the issue since I am so new to this? Her nationality (Romania is a member of NATO)? Internet relationship? Adult website? All of the above? I appreciate the candor. And understand this is a messy situation.

You could do either of three things.

  1. Stop talking to said woman and go for your clearance like 13 months later.

  2. Marry this woman and try for your clearance a year or two later.

  3. Just put in your SF86 and hopefully it will be accepted (Probably not). Remember the adjudicator wants to see if you are engaging in risky behavior and this falls into that category.

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I agree: adult chatrooms and websites can indeed be very problematic and messy issues for any BI.

What are your long term goals for the relationship? With this involvement you could easily be two years from a final adjudication on your clearance. Look up and review the adjudication guidelines. Look and see where you could have trouble and then look at the mitigating factors that are included. What kind of write up could you provide to mitigate the problems that you have?

I suspect that you could also contact a lawyer who handles clearance cases. They MIGHT be able to give you some advice on your SF86 and the response to a potential SOR.

The world is getting smaller and this type of situation is going to become more and more common. But, I suspect that your overall intentions here could have a major effect on the end result.

I would also look for another job that doesn’t require a clearance. Even under the best of circumstances you have a long road ahead.