Interview Scheduled and then Discontinued?

Hi all, my first post:

I had Enlisted in the Navy back in 2008 and was granted a Secret clearance with the rate (job) I had picked. WIth that SF-86 I had filled out yes to an arrest/drug use (Marijuana in college with my roomate which campus security busted which happened circa 2006/2007 @ ~17/18 years of age). I was granted the Moral waiver by the Navy and had no problems getting my clearance after an interview at bootcamp. I served 5 years honorably and never had any issues with my clearance.

Fast-forward 10 years and I just finished up my Cysec/Infosec degree @ Penn and was accepted into Navy OCS (Officer School). I filled out a new SF-86 and this time I put ‘no’ to all the questions because it states if any police involvement/drug use that it was within 7 years. I was contacted yesterday by an OPM investigator and he had schedulced and in-person interview with me this upcoming Monday morning. I just took my Oath and swore back into the Navy this morning and had my recruiter print out a copy of my SF-86 so I could bring it in for reference for the interview. I was annoyed to see that he had filled out portions of it incorrectly (I had filled it out by hand and he typed it up) such as silly mistakes like misspelling addresses of family members, a reference that I had never even heard of, and he even said ‘no’ if I had ever held a clearance before. Furthermore, I noticed that ONE of the police questions was have you “EVER” been charged with drug use, which was marked no and while I am not sure if I was ever technically charged and it was ~12 years ago now might be incorrect one way or another.

This afternoon after my Oath, I received another phone call from the OPM and he said that my interview had been discontinued/cancelled or something along those lines. I tried to dig a bit deeper and find out why but he told me he literally received a 2 sentence email and didn’t know but told me it was probably nothing to worry about and because I already had a clearance that it was probably just being pushed through without wasting more time.

In final, is this anything I should worry about? I was hoping to correct some of the specific details my recruiter fat fingered on my SF-86 at the interview. I am obviously not hiding/omitting anything since this was already documented on a granted sf 86/clearance 10+ years ago. I have an OCS start date of November 4th and really don’t want this to snag me up.

Thanks for your time guys/gals and sorry for no TLDR


The discontinue work message sent to the investigators working on your case only tells the investigators working your case that it was discontinued, transmit all work already completed, and cancel any remaining items. Your Agency (in your case, the Navy) is the only one that discontinue your case. The investigator/Agent can guess but would never know for certainty the reason for the discontinue.

You might ask your POC for OCS about this incident as your “secret” is well out of scope.

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My recruiter yesterday logged into some database to show me my SF86 process and then said he noticed it was ‘locked’. He was just showing me that he ‘could’ log into it and how he was an administrator or some such (I think he was just trying to show off a bit). Could he have accidentally pressed or triggered something that he shouldn’t have? Because I received the cancellation from the OPM a couple hours later. I am just spitballing here because I won’t find out any more about this (From the Navy at least) until Monday when they are all back in their offices and I can start to probe a bit.
Thanks for your response!


It’s hard to say. You will have to wait and see

After the recruiter filled out your SF86 on-line, did you sign it? YOU swore to the information there and should have made certain that everything is right. It may very well have been that OPM immediately compared your old SF86 with the new and saw the discrepancy. You should get the chance to correct the information but you need to be more careful about your work and your personal information.

If the drug incident was handled on campus, you likely were not charged but I would recommend reporting it anyway for two reasons. First, you reported it previously and need to be consistent. Second, it’s likely to come out when they talk to the school anyway.

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Unfortunately I never saw the typed up version. I had swore/signed the initial one that I had filled out by hand. But the one he typed up in the computer I never saw the finished product until the other day when I had him print it out. I was going to have that question have you ‘ever been charged/arrested’ switched back to yes, but leave all the drug usage and the rest of the police involvement as ‘no’ because it’s been over 7 years. I am going to try and find out more today.


Here is the email I just got from the Civilian Officer Processing lead for my district:

OCUI2 (Name redacted),

After several emails, I received a response from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM); they do the investigations.

Even though I changed your record in NASIS from active USN enlisted to active USN officer before I generated your coded signature pages, their system still had you coded as active USN enlisted.

Their response: " The T3R investigation is in the process of discontinuing as of 10/05/2018. It was discontinue with the reason listed below. Thank you!


They sent me a link to a website for the form I need to complete and submit. I completed the form and am standing by for my user account request to be processed. After they set up my user account, I will submit the form and OPM will re-open your investigation.

Nothing for you to do except stand by.

Sounds like a paperwork snafu.

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