Disconnected Email

Hey all,

Just dropping by to say I was notified that was discontinued today. The SOR will be sent in the next couple of weeks. I just spoke with my recruiter and she explained that she won’t be able to tell me why because she doesn’t know - which is understandable.

Since I don’t believe that my background investigation even started - as I was never contacted for a subject interview.

What are the chances this is a denial or a suitability issue?


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Sorry to hear that :disappointed:
An SOR (statement of reasons) means you got a denial. Read through the SOR, and definitely consult a clearance lawyer. See where you can go from there.
Good luck!


Let me clarify, she said I would receive a letter in the mail with an address to inquire as to why I was discontinued.

Is that the same?

Okay nope.
A denial involves an SOR.
A discontinuation does not involve an SOR. You may or may not receive a letter explaining why you got discontinued (in this case you are). A discontinuation is better than a denial, you can just reapply in a year (usually the letter says you may reapply in a year, if it doesn’t then ask if you can) and it is not recorded in Scattered Castles.
See what the reasoning is, and apply for other agencies if you still want to!

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Sorry to hear this, hopefully you are able to find out more information

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@Anon1… ok… that’s somewhat of a relief. As what you said is mentioned in the email. She says that I can re apply in a year. But again, she does mention that I should wait for a letter with an address to return for the reason.

@Rkf4ever… thanks, I appreciate that.

Yeah, it’s probably nothing major.
However, if it is something you can change then go ahead and work on it.

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@Anon1… absolutely.

Man, that is NOT the update I was expecting! I am really sorry, bud.

Had you previously heard anything from your representative you had reached out to? Or did they just go quiet, and this was the determination?

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@Batdog123… thank you. I appreciate that.
With respect to my representative, they just sent a letter stating that they would inquire on my behalf.

I’m feeling for you, friend. I really am. We all know how excited you were. Don’t give up though, get right back to applying next year!


@Batdog123… I really appreciate that, I do.
Thank you very much for the kind words. We’ll see how I feel in a year.

Good luck to you and keep me updated!!!


Hey . . . I’m really sorry to hear this . . . Of course, come back and let us know what the issue is. If you are wrong and it IS an SOR (I don’t trust ANYTHING that they tell you), find a way to get in touch with me outside of here and I would be happy to help you with an appeal.

If they said that you can apply in a year it is most likely not a denial. But, that also means that, if it’s an issue that you can fix, you MAY be able to apply to other positions in the meantime.


@EdFarmerIII, I most certainly appreciate that. Thank you and I will let you know what’s going as soon as I find out.

The language in the email reads as though it’s NOT a denial— but to your point— I’m hesitate to believe it as of now. She does mention that I can reapply in a year.

(Is it even possible to get a denial if you’ve never had a subject interview and your references were never contacted?)

And I most certainly will reach out to you… that offer means a lot, Thank you!

I am so sorry to hear that. I hope it’s not a denial. Do you think this decision will impact your application to the other agency? Please keep on annoying us.

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@ele… I appreciate that. lol,

there won’t be much annoying going on for a while. I hope it’s not a denial either… but I’ll find out at some point.

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I should be applying for future positions until I receive the reason why I was discontinued.

Sorry to read this, how long have you been waiting? Are you still waiting on another investigation?

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@ipsecmerlin, I appreciate that.

I’ve been waiting about 17 months since the submission of my SF-86, no subject interview or references contacted.

No, I’m not… unfortunately, I kinda put all my eggs into that one basket. Now, I’m hesitant to apply for other positions that require a security clearance.

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Sorry to hear it. Best luck going forward.

You may have posted but do you know what your “problem” area is, financial, arrest, foreign contacts?

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