Investigators - reviewers?

Has any investigator went to review or vice versa? Is the pay equivalent?

The back to the field thing is a disaster for me, and I have no idea how I did it before, so I am thinking about applying to jump to review :frowning: just do I can stay here to take care of my family priorities but I cant take a huge pay cut…

Just piggybacking off your post, as I am curious too. Sorry I don’t have much insight to add.

I did speak with a reviewer about a month ago who was previously a FI but relocated to an area (in which she did not want to work in the field) and made the switch to review. She said it’s way less stressful.

Well I did find out caci pays reviewers 39-79k peraton is 40k-80k. Both salary, no SCA allotment. If that helps you any

Maybe it has changed in 5 years, but I am a reviewer at CACI and my starting wage was 41K and once I met the metrics for Reviewer 1 level I was given a pay increase that I think was around 5K.

Well that is painful to hear - Especially since they just gave the field such a huge pay increase.

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From what I remember there is 3 different levels of review and they give a pay increase with each but I don’t know what the top level pays. Oh, and review never gets any random pay increases. We do have yearly reviews for merit raises but I’m sure the field does as well.

What kind of issues are you having? I am really worried about my metrics. I drove over 3 hours today. I do enjoy being in the sunshine though.

I’m not sure who you’re asking, but I make this comment on another post that explains the struggle:

Oh I get it. I drove 3 hours yesterday for a TESI and 2 laws. I was just wondering if the OP had something specific she was worried about. I very much worry about productivity and acd’s.

Yeah my metrics have tanked, as have everyone else ik. Even with “extra points” for the in person-I’m not hitting goal by the end of the grading period.

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