Is having a clearance a secret?

I have a clearance and work for a company that informed us that we cannot inform another prospective employer that we have a clearance. I guess that they don’t want anyone to find out that they are in the business. The strange part is that when they run an ad for a job, they say that you must be able to get a clearance in the ad.

So when someone applies for a job, say at Northrup, the website asks you questions like do you have a clearance. On that website it says that it is illegal to lie. So if I say NO like my employer says, am I lying?

This puts us in a strange spot. Has anyone been in a similar situation? It there a way to properly handle this?

Strange, have not heard of a company doing that before. No, the fact that you have a clearance is not classified information and there is no rule or regulation prohibiting you from disclosing this information. Of course it should be disclosed only for a legitimate , like applying for a job, but not discussed openly.